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Proper Use of Epilator

Posted By: admin on January 7, 2010 in Use of Beauty Gadgets - Comments: 8 Comments »

Unwanted hairs on one’s body is a common problem and people do adopt different methods to get rid of these hairs most of these methods give temporary solution of this problem and people are faced with the same problem even after few days. Some people go for waxing their hairs and enjoy the results for one week or little more but after bearing too much pain. Epilator is one of the electronic devices used for hair removal.

86Epilator is an electronic device and people who have once used this device love it and use it again and again. Basically this device is a pinching machine and pinches out the hair from the roots and then it take several weeks for the hair to grow again on the surface of skin. But it is seen that many people after using this device complain that they get their skin irritated and did not get proper result. This is not their device’s fault but it is their own. They don’t know proper use of this device and in result get their skin irritated.

89Here I want to give some useful suggestions that I use to give to my clients at my beauty salon and satisfy complaints from the people who failed to get their desired results. Here are some important points to use an epilator to remove the hair:

1). Read the instruction given with the device properly and follow them correctly. All devices may have different techniques and methods of use so read the instruction paper thoroughly.

2). Use epilator after taking hot bath. It will open your skin pores and your hair will become smooth and easy to uproot but be very careful and don’t use epilator on the wet skin, it will not work properly. Another advantage of taking bath before using epilator is that your skin will be oil free.

3). If going to use it for the first time, then try it first on the less sensitive part of the body and then move towards sensitive parts. Move it slowly in the growth direction of hair.

4). Use of your hand to move the epilator while the other to tighten your skin to avoid irritation.

5). Condition your skin or apply some lotion after using epilator to avoid irritation.

6). Getting the skin irritated is a normal thing after hair removal so it is better to use epilator at night so that you skin may get normal till morning.

7). Clean the epilator after using to make a useful use for the nest time.

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