Your Lips And Lipstick
The time is getting short and you are applying make up on your face. It is 5 pm and the wedding party will start at 6pm, it means you have only one hour. Your car is disorder from the last two days, so have a conveyance problem as well. There should be margin for going and coming back. So the time is narrow and you have to do a lot of work, like changing your dress and polishing your shoes, etc. A...
Tips To Beautify Your Eyebrows
The beautification of your eyebrows is also important. The complete outfit of your face depends on eyes, lips and neck, for adding charm and beauty to your eyebrows here are some tips. 1. Cut long and unnecessary hair and make them straight by a tooth brush, with delicacy. 2. Downward brushing of brows will let you see the long hair, snip it, if necessary. 3. Unwanted hair should be snipped wit...
Selection of Perfect Foundation
It is very important for women to look beautiful either they are professional women or housewives. From styling of hair as well as selecting shoes to wear, main point to be focused is to choose perfect shade of foundation. Women must be very careful while selecting the shade of foundation. Careful selection of foundation will make you look flawless, natural and appear as you are not wearing nay ki...
Tips for Smoky Eyes
Smoky eye makeup makes one’s eyes sexier and sophisticated than any type of makeup. All models and style conscious women like to get smoky eyes. If you also want to adopt this fabulous style then you are reading very right content. Here you will get special tips to do smoky eye makeup to look like models and celebrities. Make Your Eyes Ready for Makeup This is the first step to do smoky eye make...

Exercise Tips for Young Girls

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As a teenager all girls must do some exercise as a routine to maintain their figure and healthy weight. Regular exercise is equally important as that of healthy eating. All girls who have routines to do some exercise are leaner and have suitable weights. To make it sure that you have right weight according to your height, see the table given in Suitable Weight According to Height. Many teen girls find less or no time to maintain their selves.

If you are also a teen age girl then follow the exercise instructions given below to maintain smartness and health as well. It will take less time of you but will keep you on track:

  • The first thing you need to do is stretching. Do stretching before and after the exercise. Stretching itself is also a part of exercise and it will help you preventing injury and make you ready for exercise without getting tight muscles. Different stretching positions can be adopted to start exercise. Here are some pictures showing different stretching positions. You can adopt anyone that you feel you can do easily.

  • After stretching your body, you need to warm up your body. You need to do cardio for 10 to 15 minutes in this regard. To warm up your body you can do dance, run, jogging, jump rope, climb up stairs, or ride bicycle for 15 minutes. By doing so you will rise up your heart beat level where your excess fats will be burnt and you will get lean muscles.

  • Mostly teenagers are wrongly advised to prevent weight lifting to prevent inner complications but as a result they are trapped in more complications. Some young girls think that if they lift weight they will get tight muscles and look like guys. To keep your muscles toned, you need to light weight lifting for 10 minutes only. These exercises will improve your posture.

  • You can do exercise with exercise ball in different directions to shape your body and get rid of fats.

  • You can also involve your friends in your exercise to make it fun rather than burden on you. You can join some gym or arrange exercise classes at your home. Go for a morning walk on daily basis and eat healthy diet to be internally strong. Take part in sports and enjoy exercising.

Trend in Sunglasses

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Basic purpose behind wearing sunglasses is to block UV rays which can harm your eyes. Before selecting the sunglasses you need to make it sure that the pair you have selected for you is able to block 99% of the UV rays from approaching and harming your eyes. Some special things must be considered by you before purchasing sunglasses. Read the article further to know the trends of sunglasses.

Lens of sunglasses may be made of glass or plastic with special hi-tech treatments. The glass used in glasses is sun-sensitive and transition from light to dark according to light conditions. Different styles and trendy frames of sunglasses are available in the market like wraps, shields, aviators and clip-ons etc.

Before selecting sunglasses, you should consider the shape that will suit your face. If you have round face then you should select geometric shapes, ovals, wraps and shields. People with oval and thin shaped faces should select round frames for them. Some trendy sunglasses are given below. You can select best one for you.

Hairstyle for Round Faced Women

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Hairstyle must be selected according to the personality and shape of one’s face.  All people must be very careful in picking out the hair style that would compliment their faces. People have different shapes of their faces including long, round, oval, triangle and square etc. To select the best suitable hairstyle is a troubling task. This discussion will base on hair styles for women having round faces.

People having round shapes faces will get a wide range of hair styles before them to select best one. Some hairstyles are made for round shaped face to make them look thin and long. You may tend to style your hair in short length but to add length to your face. Curls are also good for round faces but they must be kept away from cheeks.

It also looks nice to have long hair on round face. Layers cutting give lengthy look to round shaped face. To have an idea of best hairstyle for your round face have a look of hairstyles given below.

Make & Apply Homemade Facial Scrub

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Homemade facial scrub will also serve same as that of scrub that is applied in a beauty salon or suggested by some professionals. Different facial scrub recipes are available on internet. Here you will get some useful tips to make and apply facial scrub with much ease but refreshing after effects. Three basic skin types are there that include oily skin, dry skin and combination of oily and dry skin. Some facial scrubs come with seeds extracts but they tear and harm the skin therefore you are advised to avoid scrubs with seeds extracts or ground nut bits etc. Apply natural and homemade scrubs is the best.

Your skin will get a glowing look after applying facial scrub. Follow the tips given below to get glowing skin:

  • Wash your face with warm water and let it dry.
  • Take some soft banana, honey and a cucumber. Grind these ingredients to make a fine paste.
  • Apply the paste on your ace for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it with warm water. Apply makeup but first let it dry completely.

You also need to follow some instructions given below before you apply any facial scrub:

  • First of all cleanse your skin with cleanser. To cleanse your skin in proper way, follow the instructions given in Skin Cleansing Tips topic.
  • People suffering from acne problem should avoid using facial scrubs.
  • Use some headband or scarf to apply scrub.
  • Keep away from the eye area while applying and massaging facial scrub.

Use ordinary kitchen things to make facial scrubs and masks and get glowing look by applying the mask as per instructions given above.

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