Your Lips And Lipstick
The time is getting short and you are applying make up on your face. It is 5 pm and the wedding party will start at 6pm, it means you have only one hour. Your car is disorder from the last two days, so have a conveyance problem as well. There should be margin for going and coming back. So the time is narrow and you have to do a lot of work, like changing your dress and polishing your shoes, etc. A...
Tips To Beautify Your Eyebrows
The beautification of your eyebrows is also important. The complete outfit of your face depends on eyes, lips and neck, for adding charm and beauty to your eyebrows here are some tips. 1. Cut long and unnecessary hair and make them straight by a tooth brush, with delicacy. 2. Downward brushing of brows will let you see the long hair, snip it, if necessary. 3. Unwanted hair should be snipped wit...
Selection of Perfect Foundation
It is very important for women to look beautiful either they are professional women or housewives. From styling of hair as well as selecting shoes to wear, main point to be focused is to choose perfect shade of foundation. Women must be very careful while selecting the shade of foundation. Careful selection of foundation will make you look flawless, natural and appear as you are not wearing nay ki...
Tips for Smoky Eyes
Smoky eye makeup makes one’s eyes sexier and sophisticated than any type of makeup. All models and style conscious women like to get smoky eyes. If you also want to adopt this fabulous style then you are reading very right content. Here you will get special tips to do smoky eye makeup to look like models and celebrities. Make Your Eyes Ready for Makeup This is the first step to do smoky eye make...

Tips for Bridal Nails

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Having gorgeous nails on your wedding day is a great idea and you need to do something special to have hot stylish nails as your hands will be on front and center on this day. All brides spend enough time in selecting right dress and other accessories and go through different beauty treatments. Thinking of nails beauty is also one of the pre wedding preparations. Here are some special tips for bridal nails:

  • Do manicure on weekly basis and pedicure once a month before six months of your wedding day. Consult a nail specialist and have treatment if your nails are weak.
  • Do special care of your hands & feet at home. Apply some nail oil or balm for better growth and healthy nails and avoid dish washing and dealing with soil in garden.
  • Select your wedding day shade for your nails that will be in best combination with your dress. Consult your beautician or manicurist in this regard.
  • Length of your nails must not be too long.
  • If you find it difficult for you to do nail art then you can also get some ready to use false nails with best art on them in different colors, sizes and styles. Here are some cool pictures of you to select best one or go to beauty saloons with an idea in your mind.

Lips Makeup

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Individual’s preferences regarding beauty, style and makeup may range from minimalist to top but importance of lips beauty is not compromised in any preference. People are very conscious about lips beauty and applying lips cosmetics to enhance one’s beauty. Lips play a vital role either we are communicating or having romance. A nice and healthy smile is very important for all beauty conscious people. To build a person’s appearance, lip care is of greater importance.

Here are some special tips for lips care and applying lips cosmetics to look more beautiful:

  • Pencil all over the lips and apply lipstick. Use soft lip pencil to avoid poor effects on lips.
  • To look your lips fuller, line your lips with lip pencil and then apply lipstick. Blend the edges with sponge applicator. For glossy lips apply lip gloss or petroleum jelly.
  • To highlight your lips use very light eye shadow. Place it in the center of upper and lower lips.
  • If you have fuller lips then don’t apply too glossy or shiny lipstick.
  • If you have thin lips then apply slightly beyond your lips and then apply lipstick.
  • Don’t apply very dark shaded lipstick on thin lips.
  • Don’t sleep with lipstick on your lips. Doing this freshness of your lips will be gone and they will become dark.
  • Use branded lips cosmetics.
  • To get sexy lips, don’t apply slick products as they will make your lips slide off. Apply some lip balm on your lips like chapstick and massage your lips with your finger tips and let it sink into lips.
  • After applying lipstick, kiss back of your hands with lips to remove excess cosmetic. In the way you will get kiss-me-lips.

Reduce Weight after Pregnancy

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Getting a child changes the women’s lives completely. It also changes body shape of women. New moms seem much annoyed for the reason why it is taking so long time to shrink their belly again. Many moms seem worried for their body shapes as they look still pregnant for several months even after getting baby. Some women also face the problem that their hips also become double. To shrink one’s belly to pre-pregnant stage or close to it demands long time but some beauty conscious women come to me and ask weather they should go for medical treatment or some other practices and I always suggest them to try to reduce their weight according to the tips given below:

  • Drink plenty of water. You must drink 10-12 glasses of water a day.
  • Avoid backed and junk food. Eat healthy diet like boneless chicken and leanest cuts of beef.
  • Breastfeeding is actually helpful for mothers to reduce weight and gain pre-pregnancy figure again. Other than reducing weight all the doctors advise for breastfeeding for baby health.
  • Avoid overeating with an excuse of breastfeeding. It is a good chance to reduce your weight after pregnancy so keep strict to your diet schedule.
  • Don’t go for dieting also as after having baby, you have more responsibility now and it is more likely to happen you gain weight after feeling deprived of your favorite things and more responsibilities.
  • Select food rich in nutrients but have less calories and fat. Drink milk and eat yogurt as they are rich in proteins and you need proteins for your bones. You should also take lean meat, chicken and beans that have low fats.
  • Add walk in your post-pregnancy weight reducing plan. You need special exercise to burn calories. It will also help to keep your muscles and bones strong. Avoid complicated exercises but don’t leave walk.
  • Try to take proper sleep time of eight hours. It is very necessary to have proper sleep time to shed pregnancy weight and after getting deprived from sleep time it is harder to reduce weight. Follow the advice to sleep when your baby sleeps.
  • Take help from others to plan your diet schedule that will keep you healthy and reduce your post-pregnancy weight.

Tips to Reduce Pain after Plucking

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Many people have soft and sensitive skin and feel much pain while plucking. To reduce the pain after plucking, you need to read this article further. I have shared very useful and approved tips with you people:

  • You may use hair conditioner to soften the hair before plucking.
  • Take a cloth and dip it in hot water and the rub this hot cloth on your eyebrows for five minutes. This will open the pores of your eye brows and you will feel less pain than before.
  • You can also take hot bath to open the pores and soften hair.
  • After having plucked your eyebrows, rub piece of ice on your eyebrows to numb the skin and keep on repeating this practice until unless you feel better.
  • Pluck your eyebrows with less time period, your skin will be less sensitive by then.
  • When you pluck the hair with tweezers, pluck the hair in its growth direction.
  • Pluck the hair with fast action and near the roots.
  • Apply children teething gel to reduce plucking pain.
  • If your skin is very sensitive and become red after plucking then apply Aloe Vera gel to reduce redness and pain.
  • Pluck one hair at a time with tweezers.
  • Grab the skin among your thumb and index finger to tighten the skin. It will reduce the pain while plucking.

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