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Moisturizer For Your Supple Skin

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Moisturizer For Your Supple SkinYour skin is your body’s first line of defense against a world teeming with chemicals, bacteria and fungi. The system is just about flawless, until you allow its moisture balance to be upset. Skin that’s constantly dry or cracked, and opens up easily, is more sensitive to bacterial attack, so be careful for it. The same is true of skin that’s bloated with fluids. But informed use of moisturizers can help prevent such cracks of your body’s defense-and thus head off a lot of potential skin problems.

Skin knowledge

Knowing your skin type gets you off to a good start, because moisturizers work differently on every one-even those with the same skin type. If a moisturizer keeps your skin supple without any negative side effects, you’ve got a winner. A loser, when used repeatedly, can block pores and lead to spots. There’s a way to reduce the chances of this happening, through.

Most of the larger cosmetic companies test their products to make them as not causing acne, as possible, if you routinely have trouble with acne,  you select a moisturizer that states that it’s been tested in 10,000 who reacts to the product with blemishes, but at least the odds are in your favor. Be on the lookout for perfumes and preservatives in moisturizers that might cause you to develop contact dermatitis. It’s a condition that scales and may burn, sting or itch. The best way to prevent this reaction is to have your skin doctor test you to determine which ingredient causes the problem, and then avoid it. Remember to think twice about all the above considerations, once for your face and once for the rest of your body. Your facial may require one moisturizing formula; the rest of your skin, another. The skin on your face is more sensitive then elsewhere and may even be a different skin type.

Take care for your eyes

Be careful what moisturizer you use around your eyes, because skin there is thinner. Anything that causes a reaction on the skin of your face will cause a reaction four times greater around your eyes. It may be fine to use your moisturizer as an eye cream for softening your skin only, with no active ingredient that claims to change the physiology of your skin. But if your daily moisturizer claims to change your skin, consider using a separate eye cream. If you want it to double as an eye cream, use it elsewhere on your face for at least a month. Only if there have been no nasty reactions should you try it around your eyes.

A moisturizer formulated specifically for use around the eyes usually has a light texture that doesn’t spoil the delicate skin in this area. Apply anything in this delicate area with a light hand. Use your ring finger and a patting motion to apply nourishment or makeup around the eyes.

Over hydration

Moisturizing is also tricky where there are skin folds, such as between your toes-places where you perspire more, even without moisturizers these spots are susceptible to being over hydrated-retaining too much fluid-a problem you rarely encounter on the face. Over hydration is frequently compounded by clothing or shoes that don’t allow the sweat to evaporate. If you apply a moisturizer to wet skin, there’s no chance of evaporation from the skin’s surface. All the moisture that’s generated is held there. Athlete’s foot is a good example of a problem that can be made worse by over hydration. When it’s warm and moist between your toes, there’s a warm ‘garden’ environment in which the fungus can flourish. Moisturizers may then provide the nutrients for that fungus to feed upon, especially if the product is old and the preservative in the oil is no longer working. If you have a fungal infection, you want to eliminate these ideal conditions. Keep the skin around your toes clean and dry and don’t use a moisturizer there until the condition has disappeared.

So the general rule is avoided moisturizing in skin-fold areas unless they feel especially dry.


Before applying any moisturizer, ask you, is it fresh? The shelf life of creams and lotion, as for all cosmetics, is a maximum of one to two years. After that, the ingredients no longer have an element that protects them against bacterial and fungal attack. It’s especially important to use fresh products around your eyes. We see a lot of problems with old and decaying products getting into the eye. When you apply a facial moisturizer, gently rub it on to relax underlying muscles, massaging for 10 seconds. The massage won’t help get rid of wrinkles, but if it feels good, it may help ease stress lines a bit.

If your body skin is sensitive to pimples try applying moisturizers in the direction of your hair follicles. Applying against the follicles makes them more likely to set up in the pores and cause problems.  If you have a skin infection, consult your skin doctor before applying any moisturizer. If a moisturizer itches when you put it on, should probably avoid it. If it produces a rash, you’d better see a doctor to make an enquiry what caused it. It may be only one ingredient out of the 10 that are in the product, but that one ingredient may be in many other products that you can avoid.

Is It Your Bath Time Lady?

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The Perfect BathBath time is a favorite activity for most people. Whether in a bathtub or shower, baths are both relaxing and beneficiation. The primary goal is, of course to clean the body of dirt and grease. The soap used is very important; it must not only do its job of cleansing, but also be kind to your skin. Choose a soap that is not too harsh. If you have dry skin, there are much moisturizing soaps to choose from. Basically, soap is a substance that penetrates the layers of grease, lifting them from the surface of your skin. The grease is then dispersed and suspended as fine droplets in the surrounding soapy water before being rinsed away.

Traditionally, boiling a mixture of animal fat and potash from wood ashes made soaps. Today’s soap follow this basic recipe fatty acid is combined with caustic soda or potassium hydroxide. Additional ingredients would include humectants, witch keep the soap from drying out thickeners, coloring, preservatives and fragrances. If you have sensitive skin, avoid soaps which contain preservatives or fragrances. As sensitive skin is also usually dry, try mild soaps with moisturizers.

Bath salt

The purpose of bath salts is to soften hard water and, at the same time, give the bath water a pleasant fragrance. A common water softener is sodium, which is a mixed salt of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. Others include sodium borate, potassium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate and sea salt. Bath cubes and tablets contain the same basic ingredients, but are mixed with corn starch for rapid break-up.

Bath oils

The main function of bath oil is not so much to cleanse but rather moisturize the skin and make it smell fragrant. Aromatherapy bath oils are said to be relaxing for both mind and body. There are four basic types of bath oils; floating, dispersible (turns milky when added in water and enables thorough contact with the skin)and  soluble bath oils (forms clear dispersion in water and used solely to perfume the bath), and foaming bath oils (bubble baths with added fragrance that offer good skin cleansing properties.

Mane attraction

Hair, whether long or short, needs care and attention to keep it healthy and attractive. Basic hair care starts with good cleansing and conditioning, together with regular brushing. Here we will focus on hair cleansing and care.


Nowadays, shampoos come in many varieties for almost every possible type of oil hair. In addition, you no longer have to wait for 5 minutes to condition your hair; there is the two-in-one formula to solve that! Hot oil packs, henna, vitamin and herbal creams are other items available for hair management. A good shampoo will lather well in both soft and hard water; it must also be easily rinsed from the hair without leaving sticky deposits. The shampoo must also be non-irritating to the scalp and eyes. Primarily, a shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp of accumulated grease, dirt and bacteria. Like soaps, they should not be too harsh and strip the hair and scalp of all its natural oils. These oils actually provide natural protection and enhance the shining of your hair.

Shampoos that are too alkaline will also cause the hair shaft to swell, thus lifting and breaking the protective cuticle cells on the shaft’s surface. If this happens, the inner cortex becomes exposed to damage from the environment. The hair shaft will then become dry and brittle, causing it to form split ends. The main ingredient of a shampoo is a cleansing or foaming agent. In fact, this agent is similar to soap in its cleaning action. The other ingredients that can be found in shampoos are foam boosters and stabilizers, pH adjusters, conditioning agents, thickeners pacifiers, pearling agents, coloring fragrance and preservatives. Some shampoos may also contain antioxidants and UV absorber additives to stabilize the shampoo.


Traditionally, hair conditioners are used for extremely dry or damaged hair; its ingredients compensate the deficiency of the hair’s natural oils and thus protect and strengthen the hair. Here are a few examples of how hair can be conditioned:

Match the pH balance of the shampoo to that of the hair. A mild acid is added to restore the pH balance. They achieve less static charge so hair becomes softer and more manageable. It also becomes shiny because the reduction of static allows the cuticle scales to flatten so the hair strand reflects more light. Add an emollient to compensate the loss of natural oils. Damaged hair will need a lubricant oil coating to reduce surface friction during brushing and help retain moisture within the hair shaft, thus keeping it soft and flexible. Examples of emollients are lanolin, silicone oils and glycerin. Add protein or vitamins to improve the texture of hair; these can act as a protective coating for damaged hair fibers. The hair can absorb the protein or vitamin and become stronger, smoother and shinier. Also reduces formation of split ends.

Time your mane

No matter what type of hair you have, it is healthy to brush it at least twice a day to stimulate blood circulation and rid knots. There are basically three types of hair: normal hair, dry or damaged hair and oily hair. Generally, people with normal hair do not have much problem managing their hair. Still a shampoo which provides balanced cleansing and conditioning ingredients should be used to maintain the hair’s natural qualities. For dry or damaged hair, it would be a good idea to use a mild shampoo as well as a conditioner. You can choose products with conditioning ingredients like emollients, proteins or vitamins. People with oily hair will need stronger cleansing shampoos, perhaps with ingredients like astringent but no conditioning elements. Oily hair needs more frequent washing.

Beauty Enemy – Pimples And Acne

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PimplesTime is running short and you’re getting ready for your cousin’s party; your dress looks nice, your shoes are shining and your accessories are fantastic. When you apply make-up then you notice a bunch of big, red pimples developing in the middle of your forehead. They’re right there, shining and looking very odd, but sadly there’s nothing you can do about it. You’ve just been attacked by your deadliest beauty enemy – Acne!

Many of acne sufferers can relate to this, while teenagers are acne victims have a worried countenance just now. Acne isn’t a skin condition that you can’t get rid of. But you can live an acne-free life, without having to chase beauticians; you have to change a little bit your daily habits.

If you have been an acute acne sufferer since the age of twelve, acne does not only spoils your complexion, but also affects you emotionally, you begin to hesitate socializing,  you begin looking in the mirror more often, you’re constantly upset because you’re conscious of pimples developing on your face and you’re desperately applying different creams and lotions. This stimulates negativity in your personality damaging your outlook towards life, at times.

AcneTeenagers are more prone to these warning signs as looks matter a lot to them. Here are a few tips that can help you lighten your acne problem. Your moms and aunties might have mentioned them earlier, but a refresher would certainly be handy.

* Take at least ten glass of water

You are often reminded to drink at least ten glasses of water everyday. It is because water moisturizes your skin, keeping it supple and healthy. Your skin cells need a lot of water to stay firm and erect because they are constantly losing water due to sweating. Drinking more water will also help your kidneys filter toxins, giving your body an overall cooling effect. Insufficient water intake will not allow these toxic molecules to leave your body, leading to health issues and acne aggravation.

* Take green tea

Green tea taste good, it’s quite beneficial for your health especially skin. This is because green tea is not fermented; instead it’s steamed after being plucked which retains the active substances in its leaves, making it rich in anti-oxidants. Besides that, green tea has an antibacterial effect which decreases your hormonal activity and increases metabolism giving you an overall relaxing effect. So take some green tea and enjoy a healthy cup of green tea!

* Keep checking your diet

Checking your diet doesn’t mean totally giving up on those French fires and colas. It means keeping a check on your junk food. Eat vegetables and fruits daily. Don’t turn your face from vegetables and fruits which are your allies in your fight against acne. It’s good to include green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage and at least a bowl of fruits in your diet as they are rich in anti-oxidants which help in preventing acne. Anti-oxidants keep your skin elastic and growing. They prevent wrinkles and neutralize free molecules in your body and create trouble in your skin.

* High level stress is harmful

Are your exams driving you crazy? Or the big presentation at work making you stay up all night stressed? Well, a certain level of stress is good for you, because it makes you work harder and shows you’re concerned about what you do, but a high level of stress isn’t good for your skin. Stress causes your adrenal glands to release a hormone in the blood which makes the sweat glands in your skin produce more oil than needed. Your skin pores become resistive with dead skin cells and bacteria creating favorable conditions for a big, red pimple to develop. Therefore, it is vital to manage your stress level in order to defeat acne.

* Pricking pimple is hazardous

You don’t like the pimple on your cheek, but pricking it will do you no good. Instead pricking, rubbing and squeezing the pimple will cause pain and it may even bleed. There is also a good chance that the pimple will leave behind a clumsy scar because you haven’t allowed the pus to dry out itself. It is advisable to leave the pimple as it is and if possible forget about it totally. This will give zits sufficient times to dry out. These are some handy tips that can help you cope with acne; however, acne is a skin condition that is caused by many external and internal factors. Teenage acne is mainly caused due to the hormonal changes in the body, while adult acne can be due to excessive use of make-up, hereditary factor eating habits or environmental factors.

These natural tips can help improve your overall health as well, the fruits of which you can reap in old age. So try them and get a glowing radiant skin, with out any side-effects. In case your acne remains on your cheeks,   it is necessary to visit a skin specialist.

WrinkleFree Eyes

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When you decide to promote the beauty of eyes, do massage. If the massage will have a combination with the hands pressure, you will get a nice result. The lines around the eyes add extra age and maturity to your face. Usually these wrinkles or lines appear on the outer edges of eyes and under the eyes. To start massaging put your index fingers under the eyes and take your finger up to the edges. Do it gently, with feathery touch. Repeat it for so many times. Now do the same practice from under area of eyebrows to the outer edges.

Remember these five points where you have to apply a pressure with your index fingers:

(a)          Along the eyebrow.

(b)          Inner corner.

(c)   Outer edges.

(d)          Centre.

(e)          Below the eyes.

Add beauty to your eyes

Before starting the massage put a drop of castor oil on both of your finger tips, then rub it over the eyebrows and lashes taking a benefit of bushy eyebrows and curly lashes. Yes, we know that you desire for curly lashes from a long period. If you already have bushy lashes, then don’t apply the castor oil on lashes, but on eyebrows only.

Cinnamon is a sweet-smelling brown substance used for giving a special taste to cakes and other sweet foods, so use it for adding beauty. When you will mix it with honey and put it in your eyes, it will improve your sight. The dark circles are also making you worried. Take a little bit of fenugreek powder and mix it with milk and apply it on the dark circles in night, before going to your bed. When you wakeup wash your face. After some days the dark circles will disappear.

Sight improvement by exercising

Make-up and sound sleep for every one, but the power of sight and the brightness can be improved by exercising also!

Do it in this way

Sit on an easy chair and put above the nose and between the brows, whereas put the index fingers at the outer side of eyes. Open and close your eyes for ten times, also focus the pulsing at each time. After this practice close your eyes tightly for at least forty minutes. Feel the eye muscle pulsing. After counting open your eyes.


The opening and closing muscles of the eyes get exercised, which are surrounding the eyes. The blood circulate in the eye area become fast, furious and give strength to both eye lids. In this way the swollen under the eyes reduced or rectify and hollows are up lifted. If you will do this exercise frequently (twice a day) you will feel that your eyes are becoming wide and shining in bright flashes! In morning when you look yourself in the mirror and find your eyes are swollen, it is due to the lever problem, consult with your doctor and take advice from him. To overcome the fatigue, apply a light makeup. For complete relaxing, giving strength to your sight and eliminating the dark circles under your eyes here are some exercises:

Close your eyes and think about any pleasant thing like a meadow or a beautiful panting, then open your eyes and look at far distance, high above the sky or horizon, then shift your focus to a point very near to your eyes in the room. In this way your retina and iris will expand for one time and shrink for the other time. Repeat this exercise three or four times a day. Your eye problems will vanish gradually.

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