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Lady! You Are Looking Extraordinary

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Beauty comes through your face, eyes, lips and Cheekbones, so every thing should be in proper condition to make your look extraordinary!

The dim lips, lifeless eyes and dark cheekbones give an impression of hopelessness and indicate that you are not physically fit, so why not try to look charm full and graceful? Everyone look at you warm heartedly and try to absorb you in your eyes. Here are some tips to give you a vintage glamour:

*Perfect skin

Perfect skinExperts say that skin of the face may shine fast with short-cut tactics. Revealing the secret tactic we tell you to begin with facial massage Take some serum and begin massage from forehead in circular motions, proceed up to brow bones and cheeks. This massage will warm your face and will give a uniform make-up base. By adopting this procedure you will need less foundation, as your face will already have   shining and smoothness. In facial system moisturizer plays a key role to enhance your beauty and complexion. Use any oil which will work into the skin. After this use facial sprit, this will accelerate the absorption. Serum is useful for glamour, but containing honey in its ingredients, gives a brightness which enhance the attraction. It keeps moisture in your skin for a long time.

*Ideal cheekbone

Ideal CheekbonesWe are living in a revolutionary era, so the things around us are changing day by day. We are putting aside the old ones and welcoming new ones. Likewise make-up and dresses are taking a new wondrous shape and the styles are changing after fortnight. In this millennium no body like to see back to the 40s when Rita Hay-worth and Joan Crawford were in limelight and youngster of that time were copying their style and outfit.

Now the trend pushes you towards the combination of highlighting cheekbones, by sandy tones to increase your natural color. Now begin with a neat and clean base. Then apply a cream highlighter with the help of a    soft brush over your cheekbones. Brush it all from the brow bones to your hair line and with of your index finger make the irregular and uneven edges uniform. Then clean the shining from your T-zone and smudge a tawny blusher in circular motion under your cheekbones.

*Sparkling eyes

Sparkling eyesIn this season gold and velvety purple is IN. When you use it everybody feels you dramatic, but it is romantic. If you want to have a radiant glow, begin from eyelids; apply a golden shadow over it. To open up the eyes give a dark purple on the outer corner. If you will curl your lashes it will enhance the beauty and add charming. When the vertical lines created, it made the eyes wide and allows the light to come in, makes them brighter. Apply a little coat of black mascara, giving a lighter touch of metallic mascara to the lash tips.

*Deep lips

Smoky Eyes And Deep LipsThe term will feel you odd, but as old is gold, 20s deep lips along with brownish-gray eye-shadow are becoming popular. Don’t ill feel with the dark color, there are many textures for your choice. For an excellent look, make the middle of your lips the darkest, then apply cream color to the centre of the bottom lip, pat them with tissue softly. Crimson lips are also in limelight, you may try for it. Apply foundation over your lips to stop color appearance. Apply red liner on the outer rim. For extra perfection apply the lipstick with a brush. Now color your eyes brownish-gray around the sockets. Giving a final touch to make-up, apply a black liner on the lower edge of the lashes. Keeping the natural shape of the eyes in view, take two coats of mascara.

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