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Odd And Ugly Stretch Marks

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Stretch Marks on woman faceOne day when you are standing in front of your mirror and the light is coming to your face properly, you come to know about the marks on your face, stretching marks. How odd and ugly it is! Then you want to know the cause and get rid of them. Here is briefing:

Stretch marks known as “striae gravidarum” in medical are caused by major stretching of the skin. Pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss and when you become 14 and become young, are the main causes of stretch marks. In fact, we have three layers of skin: the outer layer which is called epidermis, the middle layer called dermis and the innermost layer is subcutaneous stratum. Stretch marks occur in the middle layer, dermis. The elastic and supple middle layer that helps the skin keeps its shape.

When the dermis is frequently stretched, the skin becomes less elastic and the small joining fibers within it break and as a result, give harm to the skin and the stretch marks appear. Near about half of all pregnant women and almost every teenager have these troublesome and nasty stretch marks. Whereas in the case of pregnant women, the stretch begin to develop on the abdomen area, during the second half of pregnancy, as the skin stretches to make an accommodation for the upcoming baby.

Gradually the reddish pigments in the marks

Become dim and dull, and the stretch marks begin to look like shining silvery lines of scar tissue. The story of stretch marks begin when your weight increases or decreases, but if you manage it to maintain it on a constant level, the stretch marks will not be problem. So take care of overweight and underweight.

Ways to prevent

For removal and prevention of stretch marks, here are some suggestions:

* For increasing circulation of blood massage your skin with a glove, it is not advisable to use your palms.

* For avoiding stretch marks, it is necessary to make it supple and soft by apply moisturizing cream on the affected areas daily.

* Remove dead cells from your skin in order to make it smoother and unveiling soft, fresh skin. It will help minimizing the appearance of stretch marks, depending on the location of the scar tissues. If you want do it yourself this process, take oatmeal or baking soda. You may choice the already prepared formulas available on stores.

* After exfoliation the skin become dehydrated, so apply plenty of moisturizer to make it supple and soft.

* For refreshing your skin, eat such nutrition which may provide overall health. Vitamins C, E, Zinc and Silica are most compulsory.

* There are different types of creams selling in market for the remedy of stretch marks and improvement of texture on skin. May be some give relief, but mostly give no effect. The use of these creams on severe stretch marks, which are a year old, may not show any improvement. Before buying such creams, be careful and read the labels, then make a decision which is really useful for you.

* For old stretch marks, laser treatment is prescribed. They are expensive, and can minimize the pain in minor. These methods can’t actually repair torn fibers in the skin, but they improve the appearance of stretch marks.

* There is also an alternate for removing stretch marks is cosmetic surgery, otherwise there is not any procedure to repair damaged skin fibers. In cosmetic surgery doctors pull the remaining skin tight. This surgery also improves the appearance of stretch marks.

It is not easy to remove stretch marks fully; you can make an extreme improvement in their appearance using the above mentioned treatments. It will be beneficial to discuss the various options with your doctor.

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