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Tips To Beautify Your Eyebrows
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Selection of Perfect Foundation
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Bridal Hair Styles

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Wedding day is supposed to be one of the best and splendid days in ones life. It is the only time to make their dreams true. Other than wedding arrangements, preparation of wedding couple is also of greater importance. Bride must plan their wedding dress, makeup, and jewelry and hair style well in advance. Here is a short description on bridal hair styles.

Bun Hair Style

Bun hair style is considered as traditional bridal hair style. In this style all hair are collected together and twisted to form a bin. After making a bin, different accessories or flowers are used to adorn the bin for elegant look. This hair style is very suitable for brides having long hair.

Side Bun Hair Style

To get some different look but keeping with traditional bun hair style you can move the bun from center of the head to a side. It looks very stylish. I recommend this hair style to the brides having prominent eyes and broad face cut.

Twisted Bun Hair Style

Twisted bun hair style also looks very nice. It is also suitable for the brides having short length of hair. You need to curl your hair and then collect them on a point in different styles. This style looks very stylish. Different accessories can also be used to adorn the hair in this style.

Curled Hair Style

You can make a different look than traditional look by curling your hair and then joining them on a point and leaving rest of hair to add to your style and beauty. This style is very suitable for brides having step cutting and short hair. Curled hair always look very fair.

Bohemian Hair Style

If you have long hair and don’t want to tie them then this hair style is very good for you. You may curl the hair and tie them with a crown. The hair will be loose at the back but away from the face. Brides having wavy hair must try this hair style.

Beauty Tips before Marriage Day

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Wedding day is of greater importance in the lives of people. All girls are highly conscious for this mega event. I advise all girls to take special skin care at least one month before the wedding day to look more attractive, fresh and beautiful. Follow the tips given below and get elegant look with fewer cosmetics:

1). Re plan your diet schedule and add fresh juices and healthy diet. Live tension free and try to be happy all the time. Morning walk is a best tool to get freshness.

2). Drink plenty of water to get fresh and tight skin to look young and fresh.

3). Do regular oiling of your hair and take care of hands and feet. Do home manicure and pedicure one a week. To learn method of manicure and pedicure read the post “Do Manicure and Pedicure at Home” in hands and feet care category on this blog.

4). Rub olive oil on nails in round movements and use gloves while working in the garden or washing dishes.

5). Do cleansing of your skin and apply packs made of lemon, haldi, sandalwood and besan. Mix powder of these things in milk or rose water and apply on skin on daily basis minimum 15 days before marriage.

6). Apply henna mixture by mixing amla, shikakai, reetha, egg white and tea water. Apply this paste once half a month. Leave the mixture for one night before applying and leave on your hair for two to three hours to get shiny and silky hair.

7). Consult the beautician in advance and ask her for special skin care tips as per nature of your skin and have two to three professional facials by that beautician. Wash your face with cold water mixing rose water after every treatment.

8). Your eyes must look very fresh and clear. For this purpose put 2 or 3 drops of rose water two to three times a day in your eyes. It will make your eyes look fresher.

Bridal Makeup Tips

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Wedding day is one of the most important days in ones’ life even this day gives lifetime changes in one’ life. After getting the wedding day fixed, girls become more conscious regarding their wedding venue to selection of dress. Girls also start preparation by taking special skin care and consult different beauticians to look more fresh and pretty on that grand day. Here are some useful bridal makeup tips:

1). Use heavy-pigmented cream and layer it with powder foundation. It will make your skin look smoother. Apply the foundation on neck, ears and chest to have a natural and neat look.

2). If you have dark circles around your eyes and some pimple scares then apply concealer. Shade of concealer should be same as that of foundation.

3). Buy quality products for this day. Use light color of eye-shadow as eye base.

4). Apply lipstick after using lip pencil. Buy lip pencil that will blend easily and use some glossy lipstick that will look fine in real and photographs as well.

5). Use mascara and kajol on eyes to make them prominent and put false lashes. Use eyebrow pencil to make them prominent after applying foundation.

6). Your main focus must be on lips and eyes then come to other parts. Many countries have a tradition to put henna on hands and feet before wedding day. You can also put your creative skills to enhance beauty of hands and feet by applying glitters on henna. Color of glitter should be according to the color of dress.

7). If your are going to do makeup of some Christian bride, then use pink or light brown color with light color of foundation.

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