Your Lips And Lipstick
The time is getting short and you are applying make up on your face. It is 5 pm and the wedding party will start at 6pm, it means you have only one hour. Your car is disorder from the last two days, so have a conveyance problem as well. There should be margin for going and coming back. So the time is narrow and you have to do a lot of work, like changing your dress and polishing your shoes, etc. A...
Tips To Beautify Your Eyebrows
The beautification of your eyebrows is also important. The complete outfit of your face depends on eyes, lips and neck, for adding charm and beauty to your eyebrows here are some tips. 1. Cut long and unnecessary hair and make them straight by a tooth brush, with delicacy. 2. Downward brushing of brows will let you see the long hair, snip it, if necessary. 3. Unwanted hair should be snipped wit...
Selection of Perfect Foundation
It is very important for women to look beautiful either they are professional women or housewives. From styling of hair as well as selecting shoes to wear, main point to be focused is to choose perfect shade of foundation. Women must be very careful while selecting the shade of foundation. Careful selection of foundation will make you look flawless, natural and appear as you are not wearing nay ki...
Tips for Smoky Eyes
Smoky eye makeup makes one’s eyes sexier and sophisticated than any type of makeup. All models and style conscious women like to get smoky eyes. If you also want to adopt this fabulous style then you are reading very right content. Here you will get special tips to do smoky eye makeup to look like models and celebrities. Make Your Eyes Ready for Makeup This is the first step to do smoky eye make...

Fabulous Finger Tips

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Fabulous Finger Tips

When you attend a party, you should look graceful. The way you talk and walk should be excellent. The dress you wear and the makeup you applied should be attractive, exciting and charming. You contribute your time on everything, but forget the fingers and nail. You know the trend? Long nail design is becoming very popular now-a-days. For enhancing the beauty of your hands and nail use nail polish, artificial acrylic nails and gels.

Everybody who will come across you will admire and give his compliments for unique fingernails. The choice depends on your mood and style. The nature designs our nails to grip small objects and protect flesh of the fingertips. Nails are absorbent and can absorb water. But this practice causes harm to the nails, the keratin swells and splits. As a result the nails become brittle and weak. If you use artificial acrylic nails you select long nail designs, it will not damage your fingernails.

It will be better to buy a manicure kit for cutting, cleaning and polishing nails in your home, because the nails grow constantly. Long nails design may be adopted at home, which will need a little practice. There are seven steps for a fancy manicure:

If you have already any gel or nail polish, remove it with cotton, as cotton is a proper absorbent fiber.

Give shape to your nails and file them only in one direction which should be parallel to the nail bed. Keep in mind that doesn’t curve into the corner of the nail.

Now massage cuticle oil into the nail for 2 minutes and then dip your fingers in soapy water for making the cuticles soft.

Push your cuticles back gently with tip of an orangewood stick.

Take a little moisturizer on hands and rub them gently on fingers and nails. Then clean your nails with a piece of cotton to get rid of remaining oil on the nails.

Before giving a coat of nail polish, make a base or foundation by applying a base coat. It will help the polish adhere. Remember one coat will be enough. However, you may apply a fast-drying coat, if you are in a hurry. Your hands should be looking neat and clean by caring for your fingernails. The total outlook develops when your hands, nails and cuticle will be impressive. By adopting long nails designs your hands will become amazing and attractive.

French manicure at home

This is easy, and we advice you do the manicure at least once a week. The process of French manicure is as follows:

* Fill warm water (not hot) in a small mug.

* Mix a little quantity of hydrogen peroxide.

* Mix shampoo for formation of foam.

* Dip your fingers in this solution for 10 minutes.

* Dry your hands by patting. Bleach them and once again dip your fingers in the solution.

* Clean your nails.

* Remove the dead skin with cuticle cutter.

* Finish by drying the hands and applying hand lotion.

. Massage for 5 minutes from elbow to downwards.

Cuticle care

Your cuticles is live skin which gives protection to the nail and cutting them may cause injury and infection, so use cuticle remover and push back the cuticles gently with a pumice stick in circular motions before polishing the nails.

Your Lips And Lipstick

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Your Lips And LipstickThe time is getting short and you are applying make up on your face. It is 5 pm and the wedding party will start at 6pm, it means you have only one hour. Your car is disorder from the last two days, so have a conveyance problem as well. There should be margin for going and coming back. So the time is narrow and you have to do a lot of work, like changing your dress and polishing your shoes, etc. After moisturizing to your face, applying special creams, giving a natural treatment to your eyes, you look like a creature came from the other planet.

Oh! There is still the matter most of lips. Ok, select a natural color lipstick for your lips. But freeze for a movement, I want to say some words about you lips. It may be easier to remember to give your lips special treatment if the skin on your lips really is special. It’s like the inside of your mouth and like the skin on the rest of your body; it is membrane on outer side.  Sun, wind and cold combine with dry, indoor air and bad habits like licking or picking at your lips, to cause cracking and chapping. Licking your lips sets up a vicious circle of dryness and chapping, making you want to lick them more. That’s a tough habit to give up. You have to be well motivated.

Men and women both with chapped lips should use a lip balm every night and keep their lips protected during the day, with a product that contains sunscreen. It’s important to use a balm specially made for your lips rather than a moisturizer you use on your face or the rest of your body. For the most women, lipstick is an additional layer of protection that has definite benefits to offer. Because you lips lack the horny outer layer the rest of your skin has, they’re more exposed to water loss; they’re also more exposed to sun damage. Lipstick, especially if it contains a sunscreen, can help protect this delicate tissue.

But the difference between simply using lipstick and using it knowledgeably is vital. Women still suffer from dry lips more than men, suspect that a contributing reason may be incorrect use of lipstick. Women frequently wipe their lipstick off to apply a new layer. This rubbing removes any protective natural cell layer as well as the old lipstick. Whether removing makeup, lips should always be treated gently. At night, for instance, lipstick should be washed off and the lips blotted dry. For a few of us, lipsticks can actually cause the chapping and peeling they’re meant to prevent. Lipstick allergies are quite uncommon, but if you think this might be your problem, try going without lipstick for several weeks.

If that helps, try using a lipstick that is fragrance-free, since fragrance is what people are most often allergic to in cosmetics. Another possible, but uncommon, cause of chronically dry, chapped lips is an infection. If you’ve been troubled any other infections, you might want to check with your skin doctor about this possibility.

Ah! You are getting late and I don’t want to come

To your way, keep myself aside giving you enough space to move. Surely you are looking perfect in all respect, charming, elegant and graceful. And your lips are attractive and classy, so good bye.

Beauty Enemy – Pimples And Acne

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PimplesTime is running short and you’re getting ready for your cousin’s party; your dress looks nice, your shoes are shining and your accessories are fantastic. When you apply make-up then you notice a bunch of big, red pimples developing in the middle of your forehead. They’re right there, shining and looking very odd, but sadly there’s nothing you can do about it. You’ve just been attacked by your deadliest beauty enemy – Acne!

Many of acne sufferers can relate to this, while teenagers are acne victims have a worried countenance just now. Acne isn’t a skin condition that you can’t get rid of. But you can live an acne-free life, without having to chase beauticians; you have to change a little bit your daily habits.

If you have been an acute acne sufferer since the age of twelve, acne does not only spoils your complexion, but also affects you emotionally, you begin to hesitate socializing,  you begin looking in the mirror more often, you’re constantly upset because you’re conscious of pimples developing on your face and you’re desperately applying different creams and lotions. This stimulates negativity in your personality damaging your outlook towards life, at times.

AcneTeenagers are more prone to these warning signs as looks matter a lot to them. Here are a few tips that can help you lighten your acne problem. Your moms and aunties might have mentioned them earlier, but a refresher would certainly be handy.

* Take at least ten glass of water

You are often reminded to drink at least ten glasses of water everyday. It is because water moisturizes your skin, keeping it supple and healthy. Your skin cells need a lot of water to stay firm and erect because they are constantly losing water due to sweating. Drinking more water will also help your kidneys filter toxins, giving your body an overall cooling effect. Insufficient water intake will not allow these toxic molecules to leave your body, leading to health issues and acne aggravation.

* Take green tea

Green tea taste good, it’s quite beneficial for your health especially skin. This is because green tea is not fermented; instead it’s steamed after being plucked which retains the active substances in its leaves, making it rich in anti-oxidants. Besides that, green tea has an antibacterial effect which decreases your hormonal activity and increases metabolism giving you an overall relaxing effect. So take some green tea and enjoy a healthy cup of green tea!

* Keep checking your diet

Checking your diet doesn’t mean totally giving up on those French fires and colas. It means keeping a check on your junk food. Eat vegetables and fruits daily. Don’t turn your face from vegetables and fruits which are your allies in your fight against acne. It’s good to include green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage and at least a bowl of fruits in your diet as they are rich in anti-oxidants which help in preventing acne. Anti-oxidants keep your skin elastic and growing. They prevent wrinkles and neutralize free molecules in your body and create trouble in your skin.

* High level stress is harmful

Are your exams driving you crazy? Or the big presentation at work making you stay up all night stressed? Well, a certain level of stress is good for you, because it makes you work harder and shows you’re concerned about what you do, but a high level of stress isn’t good for your skin. Stress causes your adrenal glands to release a hormone in the blood which makes the sweat glands in your skin produce more oil than needed. Your skin pores become resistive with dead skin cells and bacteria creating favorable conditions for a big, red pimple to develop. Therefore, it is vital to manage your stress level in order to defeat acne.

* Pricking pimple is hazardous

You don’t like the pimple on your cheek, but pricking it will do you no good. Instead pricking, rubbing and squeezing the pimple will cause pain and it may even bleed. There is also a good chance that the pimple will leave behind a clumsy scar because you haven’t allowed the pus to dry out itself. It is advisable to leave the pimple as it is and if possible forget about it totally. This will give zits sufficient times to dry out. These are some handy tips that can help you cope with acne; however, acne is a skin condition that is caused by many external and internal factors. Teenage acne is mainly caused due to the hormonal changes in the body, while adult acne can be due to excessive use of make-up, hereditary factor eating habits or environmental factors.

These natural tips can help improve your overall health as well, the fruits of which you can reap in old age. So try them and get a glowing radiant skin, with out any side-effects. In case your acne remains on your cheeks,   it is necessary to visit a skin specialist.

Dressing Tips For Old Men

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Latin and French origin describes the make of an item and the forming of its shape is fashion. Fashion combines with cultures and has been described as a process of changes in style. Basically the fashion gives a nice effect of manner of dress, behavior and way of life. The term ‘Vogue’ is also used for fashion.

The fashion world was revolutionized by youth in the 60’s. They revolted against social norms including those who separated the rich from the rest. This period saw radical new fashion. Jeans became extraordinary popular. Levi had invented them in 1873 for working class, but they rapidly became the symbol of youth culture and fashion. Luxury went out of fashion. It was the time when American ‘Yuppies’ came into full bloom. Avery one and anyone could move up the economic and social ladder.

When young boys and girls dress themselves nicely and have a nominal makeup, they become charming and attractive. Then they become the main figure of the party. But what the olds do? Here are some guidelines which should be followed:

Keep in mind that fashion is not for the young generation but for every individual of all ages. Hence you should not stop checking out the latest fashion ideas for men who have crossed the age forty-five. You can remain a charmer.

Men near about fifty should be careful what they wear. As stylish clothes often draws a lot of attention and obviously you would not want to hear comments like this as “look as if this old man has borrowed his son’s clothes.”

1. It is better for you not to take out old clothes from your wardrobe. It will make you look old and outdated. You spend money on new clothes and have change in hair style.

2. It is better for you not to invest in colorful and shining clothes because it gives a wrong impression that you intended to look young. You should buy clothes with a variety of sober colors that will make you look respectable and honorable. You wear only simple and comfortable clothes.

3. At the age of fifty the feature of a man the skin and hair color fades. Therefore one should not wear clothes that make him look clumsy and odd. Go for the colors that still flatter and accentuate your look. changes after passing of time and in the process you are not able to matched with the latest fashions, even for the people who are above fifty they wear the suits to work everyday and casuals jeans and t-shirts on the weekends.

5. It is better for a fifty years old man to wear something classic that reflects the test of time than wearing something trendy, that will make you look odd.

6.  You cannot afford to wear the clothes you used to wear at the age of 25s. Suppose if you have a nice body and look charming, but it is not advisable for you to wear tight fitting jeans at this age.

7. After dressing you look in the mirror and see yourself. You also take advice from your wife, children and friends. Also go through the man’s fashion magazines and choice for appropriate clothing.

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