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Tips To Beautify Your Eyebrows
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Selection of Perfect Foundation
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Tips for Smoky Eyes
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Tips for Weak Nails

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Nails add to the beauty of hands and feet. It is common trend to have long nails and apply different color of nail polishes to enhance their beauty. This trend is only common in females. To have beautiful hands, it is very necessary to have strong, fine and healthy nails. People give different shapes to the nails but it is only possible when nails are strong and healthy. Even if the people have fine nails they should spend some time in care of nails. Mostly nails become weaker and damaged due to improper diet and extra exposure to substances or chemicals that weaken the nails. Here are some important tips for the beauty of nails and to cure weak and broken nails.

1). If you have sensitive nails then use gloves while working with chemicals like dish washing. You should also wear gloves when you are working in your garden.

2). Weaker nails are broken very often while working or washing dishes or clothes. You should apply some nail color on nails to have a protective layer on the nails.

3). Take some garlic paste and apply on the nails and leave for half an hour and then wash your hands and feet.

4). Take nutritious diet and go for medical treatment if your problem is getting serious. Food rich in vitamin B will be helpful to make your nails strong.

5). If you love nails cosmetic but your nails are sensitive and get irritated with use of cosmetics then you may use false nails. Real looking false nails are available on beauty stores. You can apply any types of cosmetic to enhance beauty of your hands and feet with no tension.

Do Manicure Pedicure at Home

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You don’t need to go to some beauty salon for manicure and pedicure to get more elegant look. All people have very special glowing and fresh skin because they get manicure and pedicure in a professional way. Here are some important tips to be followed to do manicure and pedicure at your home. First of all make it clear that manicure is hands care treatment and pedicure is foot care treatment.

For manicure and pedicure you need to remove old nail polish from you hands and toe nails and then soak your hands and feet is warm water for 15 to 20 minutes. Mix some shampoo in the warm water and soak your hands and feet in water. Cut all nails and file their edges to give them finer look. Add some lotion or oil in the mixture and do massage of skin of hands and feet and wash off your skin.

Again apply fresh nail polish with much care. Do the same process once a week and have fresh and neat look of hands and feet.

Tips for Cracked Heels

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Cracked HeelsHow fancy or expensive shoes you are wearing, it look very bad if your heels are cracked. It gives a very rough look. Other than bad look it is also a painful for the people who are facing this problem. Main reason of this problem is age factor, dry skin and carelessness as well. Many people concentrate on the care of face and hands and don’t give importance to the heels. Doing this they are committing big mistakes that can create many other complications other than bad look. If some body is giving 20 minutes to face and hands care then he/she must give 10 minutes for heels care as a routine especially in winter season. Whenever my clients ask me for some beauty tips I always advise them to take proper care of feet including heels along with face and hands. Here I want to share same tips that I use to share with my clients so that you all may get baby like skin of heels with little care. All these tips are tried many times and have always brought in good results without any side effects. Read and follow the tips given below: Heels

  1. Wear shoes with sox in the routine days especially in winter season.
  2. Apply Vaseline and rose water on the heels and leave for the whole night and wash in the morning.
  3. Dip the feet in bearable hot water for 10 minutes and then apply some lotion to the heels and feet and then apply some cream for cracked heels and leave for the whole night.
  4. Avoid wearing shoes with open ends and thin soles especially in winter season and moisturize your feet before going to bed on daily basis. 5). Take proper diet including green vegetables and food rich in vitamin E.

Shiny Nails

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NailsNails are the essential element to be cared and cured for the hands and feet beauty. Soft skin of hands and shape and decoration of nails make the hands and feet more beautiful. Shape of nails and decorating them is not natural beauty. Many times one have to go without nail polish in special events then natural beauty of nails is of greater importance. Shine of nails show the health and beauty of a person. Special care should be taken to keep the nails glowing and shiny and if someone want to make his/her nails shiny then he/she should follow the following tips:

1). Garlic paste is very helpful in making the nails shiny and strong. It is better to apply the garlic juice on the nails.

2). Drink more water, juices and eat vegetables to provide necessary vitamins to the nails and other parts of body.

3).For white and shiny nails, apply mixture of lemon juice and olive oil.

4). While working with any chemical at home or washing crockery or working in the garden, use gloves for proper care of the nails.

5). Don’t apply nail polish of low brand and don’t let it stay on your nails for long time. Don’t Remove or replay nail polish twice or more times a week.

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