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Winter Lips Care Tips

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Winter Lips Care TipsPeople having professional routines to work outsides in every season may get their lips dried and chapped. Lips get affected with bitterness of cold weather. Lips have less oil glands that other parts of body so becomes dry very soon and then are cracked. Cracked lips are a common problem in the winter season. Lips need much care to be taken in the winter and hot seasons. I deal with many people facing this problem in winter season and always use to give them easy and homemade tips to cure cracked lips.

I want to share all these useful tips here with you to provide you with best and easy methods to take proper care of your lips in winter season. Following these tips, you will get fresh and soft lips even in winter season.

1). Try to maintain the moisture level of the lips by using some lip balms.

2). Use natural lip balms other than lips products having chemicals available in the market.

3). If your lips are cracked and you are in pain, apply some ghee, butter or milk cream on your lips before going to the bed and wash it off in the morning. Doing this, you will cure your cracked lips very soon.

4). Don’t let the lips dry during the whole day and apply some lip balm on lips two or three times a day.

5). Remove lip stick before going to bed and apply lip balm on regular basis.

Cure your Cracked Lips

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Lips Care TipsGetting one’s lips cracked in winter season is a common issue. It is very painful and also looks very bad when one’s lips are cracked. This happens because lips do not produce oil and we can prevent this problem by keeping our lips moisturized for the day and night using any lip balm. All of us should take proper care of our lips before we get our lips cracked also. Use of lip balm on daily basis can save us from this problem. Here are some important tips for all people having cracked lips to follow to get rid of this problem:

  • Apply layer of butter or milk cream on lips and leave for the whole night. It will protect lips from cracking.
  • Make use op lip balm for the whole day.
  • Don’t bit your lips whether they are cracked or not.
  • burts-beesIt may happen because of lip biting of deficiency of vitamin B
  • Take some rose petals and milk cream, grind them and apply on the lips for the whole night and drink more water.
  • Apply glycerin on the lips for the whole night and use lip balm in the whole day.
  • Add food with vitamin B and C in your diet schedule.

Tips for Rosy Lips

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Tips for Rosy LipsHere I want to share some useful and approved tips for lips care. Women and young girls seem very touchy for the natural color and soft look of their lips. To get more rosy and soft lips you have to take care of your lips and follow some instructions. For lips care you don’t have to spend more time and money but you can make your lips more beautiful by practicing the following tips.

v  Take milk cream. You can get this cream by boiling milk and leaving it for half an hour. Take off the thick layer on the surface of milk and use it for lips care. Mix this cream with some glycerin and apply this home made balm on your lips and leave it for night and make your lips more smooth, rosy and shiny.

v  Use pink Vaseline to apply on your lips before sleeping and avoid using low quality lipsticks. Keep your lips moisturized with some lip balm.

v  Apply honey on your lips once a day. It is better to apply it before sleeping.

v  To make your lips more rosy and soft use coriander. Rub a piece of coriander on your lips softly twice a day.

v   Don’t sleep with lipstick on your lips.

v  Use branded lipsticks.

v  Better to use natural colors of lipsticks.

v  Most important tips to get fresh and rosy lips concentrate on your diet schedule. Take proper diet and Vitamin C and use simple Vaseline on lips before sleeping.

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