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Is It Your Bath Time Lady?

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The Perfect BathBath time is a favorite activity for most people. Whether in a bathtub or shower, baths are both relaxing and beneficiation. The primary goal is, of course to clean the body of dirt and grease. The soap used is very important; it must not only do its job of cleansing, but also be kind to your skin. Choose a soap that is not too harsh. If you have dry skin, there are much moisturizing soaps to choose from. Basically, soap is a substance that penetrates the layers of grease, lifting them from the surface of your skin. The grease is then dispersed and suspended as fine droplets in the surrounding soapy water before being rinsed away.

Traditionally, boiling a mixture of animal fat and potash from wood ashes made soaps. Today’s soap follow this basic recipe fatty acid is combined with caustic soda or potassium hydroxide. Additional ingredients would include humectants, witch keep the soap from drying out thickeners, coloring, preservatives and fragrances. If you have sensitive skin, avoid soaps which contain preservatives or fragrances. As sensitive skin is also usually dry, try mild soaps with moisturizers.

Bath salt

The purpose of bath salts is to soften hard water and, at the same time, give the bath water a pleasant fragrance. A common water softener is sodium, which is a mixed salt of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. Others include sodium borate, potassium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate and sea salt. Bath cubes and tablets contain the same basic ingredients, but are mixed with corn starch for rapid break-up.

Bath oils

The main function of bath oil is not so much to cleanse but rather moisturize the skin and make it smell fragrant. Aromatherapy bath oils are said to be relaxing for both mind and body. There are four basic types of bath oils; floating, dispersible (turns milky when added in water and enables thorough contact with the skin)and  soluble bath oils (forms clear dispersion in water and used solely to perfume the bath), and foaming bath oils (bubble baths with added fragrance that offer good skin cleansing properties.

Mane attraction

Hair, whether long or short, needs care and attention to keep it healthy and attractive. Basic hair care starts with good cleansing and conditioning, together with regular brushing. Here we will focus on hair cleansing and care.


Nowadays, shampoos come in many varieties for almost every possible type of oil hair. In addition, you no longer have to wait for 5 minutes to condition your hair; there is the two-in-one formula to solve that! Hot oil packs, henna, vitamin and herbal creams are other items available for hair management. A good shampoo will lather well in both soft and hard water; it must also be easily rinsed from the hair without leaving sticky deposits. The shampoo must also be non-irritating to the scalp and eyes. Primarily, a shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp of accumulated grease, dirt and bacteria. Like soaps, they should not be too harsh and strip the hair and scalp of all its natural oils. These oils actually provide natural protection and enhance the shining of your hair.

Shampoos that are too alkaline will also cause the hair shaft to swell, thus lifting and breaking the protective cuticle cells on the shaft’s surface. If this happens, the inner cortex becomes exposed to damage from the environment. The hair shaft will then become dry and brittle, causing it to form split ends. The main ingredient of a shampoo is a cleansing or foaming agent. In fact, this agent is similar to soap in its cleaning action. The other ingredients that can be found in shampoos are foam boosters and stabilizers, pH adjusters, conditioning agents, thickeners pacifiers, pearling agents, coloring fragrance and preservatives. Some shampoos may also contain antioxidants and UV absorber additives to stabilize the shampoo.


Traditionally, hair conditioners are used for extremely dry or damaged hair; its ingredients compensate the deficiency of the hair’s natural oils and thus protect and strengthen the hair. Here are a few examples of how hair can be conditioned:

Match the pH balance of the shampoo to that of the hair. A mild acid is added to restore the pH balance. They achieve less static charge so hair becomes softer and more manageable. It also becomes shiny because the reduction of static allows the cuticle scales to flatten so the hair strand reflects more light. Add an emollient to compensate the loss of natural oils. Damaged hair will need a lubricant oil coating to reduce surface friction during brushing and help retain moisture within the hair shaft, thus keeping it soft and flexible. Examples of emollients are lanolin, silicone oils and glycerin. Add protein or vitamins to improve the texture of hair; these can act as a protective coating for damaged hair fibers. The hair can absorb the protein or vitamin and become stronger, smoother and shinier. Also reduces formation of split ends.

Time your mane

No matter what type of hair you have, it is healthy to brush it at least twice a day to stimulate blood circulation and rid knots. There are basically three types of hair: normal hair, dry or damaged hair and oily hair. Generally, people with normal hair do not have much problem managing their hair. Still a shampoo which provides balanced cleansing and conditioning ingredients should be used to maintain the hair’s natural qualities. For dry or damaged hair, it would be a good idea to use a mild shampoo as well as a conditioner. You can choose products with conditioning ingredients like emollients, proteins or vitamins. People with oily hair will need stronger cleansing shampoos, perhaps with ingredients like astringent but no conditioning elements. Oily hair needs more frequent washing.

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