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Basic Skin Care

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Keep in mind that before cleansing, moisturizing, or toning you should know the type of your skin. The nature of skin guides you to take the perfect treatment; otherwise it will be hazardous for you to do this and that!

Tips for cleansing

Basic Skin CareCleansing is the basic factors of skin care. When you go outside and roam here and there, your skin absorbs dirt, pollution and dust, which causes a tremendous effect to your skin. Also the residual of the makeup produces a nasty and bad effect. Moreover it hustle the aging process.

Here are some valuable tips for you to make a practice, if you are in favor of do it yourself

1) Whenever and whatever you are going to do, it is necessary to wash your hands with quality toilet soap. It will be defensive for your skin and keep off the bacteria from your hands, which may not transfer to your face.

2) As you know the hairstyling products attract dirt and dust from the air, so start from your hair, after that take cleanser and sweep over face, lips and down the neck and ahead, where you want to apply foundation.

3) After applying the cleanser, massage your face with the fingers (not the whole, but with the balls) and leave the cleanser as-it-is, to melt away and absorb the make-up. Now it is compulsory to wipe away the cosmetic, dirt and pollution from your face, so take a tissue paper and make a ball of it and clean your skin. Harsh rubbing and dragging is not necessary.

4) Then wash your face with good quality soap. It will help to wipe the face from the dirt and make your face perfectly clean, because all particulars of dirt have gone away! It is better to prepare your own skin cleansers.

Skin toning

Well you know anything about toning? Toning accelerates the circulation of blood and makes it refreshing. It also enhances the glowing of the face skin. It suits to all sorts of skins, so it may be for everyone. Make it a routine of daily skin care.

*Skin tonic is very much effective for your face, dip cotton wool pad in it and wipe the face from upward to downward. Try to stroke softly.

*Rub each and every portion of the face, but it should be ended at the temple. Give a soft and slight pressure at the temples.

*When you are applying the toner on the forehead, begin it from the centre and move outwardly on both sides, but finish at the temples.

*Apart from the other organs, the chin is also cared. The best way to apply the toner on the chin should be in circular motions.

* Apply the toner on neck; it will add beauty and attractiveness to the face. So, stroke gently and lightly from chin to neck and beyond.

*Surely the most attractive and powerful thing on your face are eyes, so don’t forget to leave it unconcern. Slightly and softly tone around the eyes.

It will be easy and simple for you to make the skin toner at home. Required things are rosewater and witch-hazel. These things are available at the chemical stores; you may buy them easily from there. Remember one thing that use toners according to your skin, it varies according to types.

If you have normal skin then…

Take ¾ cup rosewater and ¼ cup witch-hazel. Mix them and fill them in a glass bottle.

If you have very greasy skin then…

Take equal quantities of rosewater and witch-hazel mix them and fill them in a glass bottle.

If you have dry skin then…

Take ¾ cup rosewater, ¼ cup witch-hazel and ½ teaspoon of honey. Mix them and fill them in a bottle.

Something more about skin toners

*If you want to maintain your skin soft and supple and firm, take some bathing foam with plant extracts such as mint or rosemary. They are ideal for your skin, because they provide nutrients and accelerate the blood circulation.

* For example take balsam which improves your breathing by improving oxygen intake.

* Remember toning foam baths are energy boosters, so at least take this bath twice in a week.

How to care skin in winter

Winter is always troublesome for soft and supple skin ladies, when the wind blows their skin become dry and rough. After that cough and cold come and make you sneezing, as a result their face become red like tomatoes. The coarse hair, shriveled cuticles and rough hands produces nasty phenomenon. It becomes a rough and tough job to maintain the natural beauty and keep moisture.

Skin turns extra sensitive and tries to give in to the pressures of pollution and seasonal imbalances. For keeping skin supple and pretty pink, here are some tips:

* Use cleansing milk to remove dirt and dust especially during winter season. If you are suffering from dry skin, use it frequently.

*If you want to keep your skin fresh and smooth use moisturizer. It also improves your complexion. Keep it in mind that moisturizer is always sticky, so do not apply while going outside the house, in this way you will attract more dust and dirt. The best time to enjoy the magical effects of moisturizer is evening, after taking a warm bath.

*A massage with cold creams and toner will give your skin a fresh and elegant look.

*In cold seasons, the skin tries to burst into pimples, so be careful from enormous make-up. Apply it in a limited way.

*To give skin a glow and light shining, mix a spoon of olive oil in a bucket of little hot water and take bath. This gives a natural shining to the skin. If your skin is dry, massage with a little warm olive oil, fifteen minutes before taking bath.

Odd And Ugly Stretch Marks

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Stretch Marks on woman faceOne day when you are standing in front of your mirror and the light is coming to your face properly, you come to know about the marks on your face, stretching marks. How odd and ugly it is! Then you want to know the cause and get rid of them. Here is briefing:

Stretch marks known as “striae gravidarum” in medical are caused by major stretching of the skin. Pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss and when you become 14 and become young, are the main causes of stretch marks. In fact, we have three layers of skin: the outer layer which is called epidermis, the middle layer called dermis and the innermost layer is subcutaneous stratum. Stretch marks occur in the middle layer, dermis. The elastic and supple middle layer that helps the skin keeps its shape.

When the dermis is frequently stretched, the skin becomes less elastic and the small joining fibers within it break and as a result, give harm to the skin and the stretch marks appear. Near about half of all pregnant women and almost every teenager have these troublesome and nasty stretch marks. Whereas in the case of pregnant women, the stretch begin to develop on the abdomen area, during the second half of pregnancy, as the skin stretches to make an accommodation for the upcoming baby.

Gradually the reddish pigments in the marks

Become dim and dull, and the stretch marks begin to look like shining silvery lines of scar tissue. The story of stretch marks begin when your weight increases or decreases, but if you manage it to maintain it on a constant level, the stretch marks will not be problem. So take care of overweight and underweight.

Ways to prevent

For removal and prevention of stretch marks, here are some suggestions:

* For increasing circulation of blood massage your skin with a glove, it is not advisable to use your palms.

* For avoiding stretch marks, it is necessary to make it supple and soft by apply moisturizing cream on the affected areas daily.

* Remove dead cells from your skin in order to make it smoother and unveiling soft, fresh skin. It will help minimizing the appearance of stretch marks, depending on the location of the scar tissues. If you want do it yourself this process, take oatmeal or baking soda. You may choice the already prepared formulas available on stores.

* After exfoliation the skin become dehydrated, so apply plenty of moisturizer to make it supple and soft.

* For refreshing your skin, eat such nutrition which may provide overall health. Vitamins C, E, Zinc and Silica are most compulsory.

* There are different types of creams selling in market for the remedy of stretch marks and improvement of texture on skin. May be some give relief, but mostly give no effect. The use of these creams on severe stretch marks, which are a year old, may not show any improvement. Before buying such creams, be careful and read the labels, then make a decision which is really useful for you.

* For old stretch marks, laser treatment is prescribed. They are expensive, and can minimize the pain in minor. These methods can’t actually repair torn fibers in the skin, but they improve the appearance of stretch marks.

* There is also an alternate for removing stretch marks is cosmetic surgery, otherwise there is not any procedure to repair damaged skin fibers. In cosmetic surgery doctors pull the remaining skin tight. This surgery also improves the appearance of stretch marks.

It is not easy to remove stretch marks fully; you can make an extreme improvement in their appearance using the above mentioned treatments. It will be beneficial to discuss the various options with your doctor.

Moisturizer For Your Supple Skin

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Moisturizer For Your Supple SkinYour skin is your body’s first line of defense against a world teeming with chemicals, bacteria and fungi. The system is just about flawless, until you allow its moisture balance to be upset. Skin that’s constantly dry or cracked, and opens up easily, is more sensitive to bacterial attack, so be careful for it. The same is true of skin that’s bloated with fluids. But informed use of moisturizers can help prevent such cracks of your body’s defense-and thus head off a lot of potential skin problems.

Skin knowledge

Knowing your skin type gets you off to a good start, because moisturizers work differently on every one-even those with the same skin type. If a moisturizer keeps your skin supple without any negative side effects, you’ve got a winner. A loser, when used repeatedly, can block pores and lead to spots. There’s a way to reduce the chances of this happening, through.

Most of the larger cosmetic companies test their products to make them as not causing acne, as possible, if you routinely have trouble with acne,  you select a moisturizer that states that it’s been tested in 10,000 who reacts to the product with blemishes, but at least the odds are in your favor. Be on the lookout for perfumes and preservatives in moisturizers that might cause you to develop contact dermatitis. It’s a condition that scales and may burn, sting or itch. The best way to prevent this reaction is to have your skin doctor test you to determine which ingredient causes the problem, and then avoid it. Remember to think twice about all the above considerations, once for your face and once for the rest of your body. Your facial may require one moisturizing formula; the rest of your skin, another. The skin on your face is more sensitive then elsewhere and may even be a different skin type.

Take care for your eyes

Be careful what moisturizer you use around your eyes, because skin there is thinner. Anything that causes a reaction on the skin of your face will cause a reaction four times greater around your eyes. It may be fine to use your moisturizer as an eye cream for softening your skin only, with no active ingredient that claims to change the physiology of your skin. But if your daily moisturizer claims to change your skin, consider using a separate eye cream. If you want it to double as an eye cream, use it elsewhere on your face for at least a month. Only if there have been no nasty reactions should you try it around your eyes.

A moisturizer formulated specifically for use around the eyes usually has a light texture that doesn’t spoil the delicate skin in this area. Apply anything in this delicate area with a light hand. Use your ring finger and a patting motion to apply nourishment or makeup around the eyes.

Over hydration

Moisturizing is also tricky where there are skin folds, such as between your toes-places where you perspire more, even without moisturizers these spots are susceptible to being over hydrated-retaining too much fluid-a problem you rarely encounter on the face. Over hydration is frequently compounded by clothing or shoes that don’t allow the sweat to evaporate. If you apply a moisturizer to wet skin, there’s no chance of evaporation from the skin’s surface. All the moisture that’s generated is held there. Athlete’s foot is a good example of a problem that can be made worse by over hydration. When it’s warm and moist between your toes, there’s a warm ‘garden’ environment in which the fungus can flourish. Moisturizers may then provide the nutrients for that fungus to feed upon, especially if the product is old and the preservative in the oil is no longer working. If you have a fungal infection, you want to eliminate these ideal conditions. Keep the skin around your toes clean and dry and don’t use a moisturizer there until the condition has disappeared.

So the general rule is avoided moisturizing in skin-fold areas unless they feel especially dry.


Before applying any moisturizer, ask you, is it fresh? The shelf life of creams and lotion, as for all cosmetics, is a maximum of one to two years. After that, the ingredients no longer have an element that protects them against bacterial and fungal attack. It’s especially important to use fresh products around your eyes. We see a lot of problems with old and decaying products getting into the eye. When you apply a facial moisturizer, gently rub it on to relax underlying muscles, massaging for 10 seconds. The massage won’t help get rid of wrinkles, but if it feels good, it may help ease stress lines a bit.

If your body skin is sensitive to pimples try applying moisturizers in the direction of your hair follicles. Applying against the follicles makes them more likely to set up in the pores and cause problems.  If you have a skin infection, consult your skin doctor before applying any moisturizer. If a moisturizer itches when you put it on, should probably avoid it. If it produces a rash, you’d better see a doctor to make an enquiry what caused it. It may be only one ingredient out of the 10 that are in the product, but that one ingredient may be in many other products that you can avoid.

SKIN CARE (Internal and external)

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Skin Care

Before going in front of your mirror and taking heavy make-up with the help of the creams, moisturizers, mascaras and lotions, you should know about the type of your skin, which will help to give you knowledge about using effective things on effective times.

Don’t stand in front of your mirror for checking your age factor; it will be better to collect information about skin. The magic lotions and creams may provide a day-long smoothness, but not the timeless beauty. It is compulsory to know that what is going on inside of your skin. Glowing face didn’t mean that all is well inside. It will be appreciate able to know the skin from internally and as well as externally, because there is a hidden link between the two surfaces.

Before going for toning, cleansing and moisturizing first you know about the type of your skin, either it is oily normal, combination, dry or mature. Remember only one thing that make-up means tested way to care for your skin, How you care for it is another thing.

Following are skincare procedures for women with different skin types and their needs.

1- Cleansing

For removing the residue from your night cream on every morning plain water is best, which is a nice cleanser. A cleanser is such a product that when your skin will touch, it will respond, so it will not be a fine practice to find a good face cleanser and stick to it. Cleansing is also essential for your body and only daily bath isn’t enough. You have to invest some time for body cleansing treatments.

2- Toning

It didn’t mean to use a gel or toning water. Through cleansing it is a hard session of body, but when we talk about face toning means finishing of the residual of make-up and dirt of the face. It also closes the tiny pores of the skin.

3- Moisturizing

After applying a facial on your face, when it feels tightness, means that became dry, we apply a facial moisturizer which gives a slight wetness to the pores of the face skin actually moisturizer hydrates it, but it should be done with a limitation, the over moisturizing clogged your pores. Whereas body looses moisture throughout the day, so the body moisturizing has more dampness than facial moisturizing. The right time for body moisturizing is after bathing, when there is still dampness.

4- Before ‘good night’

Before saying ‘good night’ to everybody and lying on bed, take night creams. All the day long when you go in sun and your skin become dry, it recover its cell in night, with the help of night creams. The cream gives a suitable texture, due to the fine night-time body care. Quality wise the skin improves when we apply rich body moisturizer, like cream.

5- Sunscreen

The sunscreen protects us from sun rays. Surely these are the sun rays that cause heavy damages to our skin and put premature facial wrinkles on our face. So it is necessary to take a sunscreen in our daily life throughout the year. A SPF-50 is the best for the purpose.

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