Your Lips And Lipstick
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Tips To Beautify Your Eyebrows
The beautification of your eyebrows is also important. The complete outfit of your face depends on eyes, lips and neck, for adding charm and beauty to your eyebrows here are some tips. 1. Cut long and unnecessary hair and make them straight by a tooth brush, with delicacy. 2. Downward brushing of brows will let you see the long hair, snip it, if necessary. 3. Unwanted hair should be snipped wit...
Selection of Perfect Foundation
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Tips for Smoky Eyes
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Keep An Eye On Your Eye

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No wonder wrinkles first show up around the eyes. The skin in this fragile area is twice as thin as the skin on the rest of the face. It has fewer oil glands, weaker internal support, and gets more exercise than even your mouth.

But opinion is mixed when it comes to dealing with wrinkles and other eve-area problem-dark circles, puffiness and bags. Some experts believe products developed specifically for that area can help. Yet doctors caution not to expect too much.

Using Retin-A is the only way to remove wrinkles, apart plastic surgery. Retin-A has proven to be beneficial for fine wrinkles in the crow’s-feet area, but some sensitive skinned people can’t use it, plus, the cream has yet to be approved by the FDA for anti-wrinkle care.

Don’t lose hope, though. Most skin specialists agree that a combination of consistent use of moisturizer and sunscreen, staying out of the sun, and the way you manipulate the sensitive skin around the eyes is key to keeping it in the shape it’s in right now. The most important thing is to watch exposure to the sun, it does, by far the most damage. Sun block is critical, sunglasses are critical; it’s foolish to go without.

When it comes to touching around the eyes, the rule is: Be gentle.

Applying makeup requires a soft touch, forethought and a magnifying mirror. Fixing mascara on the run and blending shadows with the index finger on the lid, for instance, are no-numbers. A lot of damage comes from our own hands, most people use the index finger too harshly-to blend concealed and shadow, rub their eyes, stretch the area to get contact lenses in and out, remove eye makeup.

All products should be applied with the ring or little finger. A soft cotton swab or applicator should be used to blend shadow. It’s important to move the product, not the skin.

Treatment gels and creams should be patted lightly on the skin, always keeping in mind that less is more. There is only so much the skin can absorb, applying only a tiny amount of a product, moving it from the outer corner inward.

Most experts agree tough-to-remove makeup, such as waterproof mascara, should be used sparingly. You use it when they are swimming or when they know they will be crying, such as at a wedding, otherwise, stick with water-soluble makeup.

Eye makeup remover is a real eye-saver uses a gentle one. Use it gently, lightly wiping the area from the outside in. newer products on the market that help solve skin problems around the eyes are available for Eyes. It claims to reduce the skin’s puffy appearance as well as soften fine lines. Dior developed a specific liposome called ericoid, which helps promote drainage of the area.

Contact lens equation

The sensitive eyes of millions female contact lens wearers have special cosmetic needs. Some eye products especially eyeliner can be harsh and irritating, and may flake or smudge on to the lens. The reason for the sting is makeup and lens solutions may contain chimerical, a toxic, mercury-based preservative. Other products, such as removers, are oil-based. They can leave residue in the lens and fog up vision, an obvious problem.

Mascara is hypo-allergenic and ophthalmologist-tested, so they’re safe for use by contact lens wearers and those with sensitive’s eyes. One of the latest to try: Performing Mascara, which is water resistant and come with a soft brush applicator.

When it comes to contacts, don’t let anything come between your lens and your eye especially not your makeup.

Eye Puffiness

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Doctors report that puffiness due to water retention during sleep disappears once you’re up and around. The body has great mechanisms for removing extra fluid. Other types of puffiness can be due to allergic reactions to pollen, makeup, hair and nail products, soap or moisturizer, puffiness from allergies can be treated, by monitoring product use and using antihistamines and other prescription medications under medical super vision.

Eye contour Balm “special” to its eye care line-up, specially formulated for very dry skin. It has a thicker consistency than the firm’s Eye Contour Balm, and it claims to soothe, moisturize and minimize fine lines. Last fall, Biotherm introduced a dual system for the eye area: the Tonicite Firming Eye Cream and Bio-Cils Soothing Eye Makeup Remover. The cream claims to tone up slackened skin while toning down bags, dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.

The eye makeup remover dissolves eye makeup, but also calms and refreshes the area while gently reinforcing the cream’s benefits. Important function of many of the new products is their ability to soothe. Soothing and relaxing the area can fight environmental conditions that irritate our eyes and make us rub them.

There has been a suggestion, that stress causes the release of a hormone in the pituitary gland that causes dark circles under the eyes. Eliminate stress, get more sleep, and it should improve. Some dark circles are hereditary, but others have a lot to do with stress, tension, fatigue, working too hard. If you work out and take care of yourself, you can rid of some of them.

Get rid of dark circles by lightly massaging the area. It’s more like gentle pressure than a massage; it’s a very gentle process, using the third finger. No stretching at all. By improving blood circulation, you can reduce dark circles. Experts generally support this idea: if you can increase the blood flow in that area, which would help carry the pigment away, it might work. But the problem’s not well understood.

Ayurvedic healing methods from India for the light massage mix three drops of Bindi-blended essential oils-with seven drops of water and presses lightly from the outer corner inward. Doctors also recommend applying a pad that’s soaked in cold whole milk to soothe and moisten the eye area.

As for beauty sleep resting with head elevated on several pillows. Toxic fluids are less apt to accumulate around the eyes, she says, but sleeping with lots of pillows promotes a double chin.

WrinkleFree Eyes

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When you decide to promote the beauty of eyes, do massage. If the massage will have a combination with the hands pressure, you will get a nice result. The lines around the eyes add extra age and maturity to your face. Usually these wrinkles or lines appear on the outer edges of eyes and under the eyes. To start massaging put your index fingers under the eyes and take your finger up to the edges. Do it gently, with feathery touch. Repeat it for so many times. Now do the same practice from under area of eyebrows to the outer edges.

Remember these five points where you have to apply a pressure with your index fingers:

(a)          Along the eyebrow.

(b)          Inner corner.

(c)   Outer edges.

(d)          Centre.

(e)          Below the eyes.

Add beauty to your eyes

Before starting the massage put a drop of castor oil on both of your finger tips, then rub it over the eyebrows and lashes taking a benefit of bushy eyebrows and curly lashes. Yes, we know that you desire for curly lashes from a long period. If you already have bushy lashes, then don’t apply the castor oil on lashes, but on eyebrows only.

Cinnamon is a sweet-smelling brown substance used for giving a special taste to cakes and other sweet foods, so use it for adding beauty. When you will mix it with honey and put it in your eyes, it will improve your sight. The dark circles are also making you worried. Take a little bit of fenugreek powder and mix it with milk and apply it on the dark circles in night, before going to your bed. When you wakeup wash your face. After some days the dark circles will disappear.

Sight improvement by exercising

Make-up and sound sleep for every one, but the power of sight and the brightness can be improved by exercising also!

Do it in this way

Sit on an easy chair and put above the nose and between the brows, whereas put the index fingers at the outer side of eyes. Open and close your eyes for ten times, also focus the pulsing at each time. After this practice close your eyes tightly for at least forty minutes. Feel the eye muscle pulsing. After counting open your eyes.


The opening and closing muscles of the eyes get exercised, which are surrounding the eyes. The blood circulate in the eye area become fast, furious and give strength to both eye lids. In this way the swollen under the eyes reduced or rectify and hollows are up lifted. If you will do this exercise frequently (twice a day) you will feel that your eyes are becoming wide and shining in bright flashes! In morning when you look yourself in the mirror and find your eyes are swollen, it is due to the lever problem, consult with your doctor and take advice from him. To overcome the fatigue, apply a light makeup. For complete relaxing, giving strength to your sight and eliminating the dark circles under your eyes here are some exercises:

Close your eyes and think about any pleasant thing like a meadow or a beautiful panting, then open your eyes and look at far distance, high above the sky or horizon, then shift your focus to a point very near to your eyes in the room. In this way your retina and iris will expand for one time and shrink for the other time. Repeat this exercise three or four times a day. Your eye problems will vanish gradually.

No Waxing But Threading – Tips For Your Eyebrows

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Eyebrow WaxingWhat is the most attraction on your face, surely the glittering eyes! Your eyebrows act as frames to your eyes. You may be appreciated with your   amazing and mysterious eyes, but if your eyebrows are distracting, eye will not attract. They will loose their magnetic power!

The bushy and uneven eyebrows didn’t give any effect, so trim them and give them a shape. There are two options for you, one is waxing and the other is threading. The threading didn’t teases and makes you miserable, like waxing. Waxing is painful, but threading is harmless and trouble free. By threading you not only remove all the unwanted hair of eyebrows, but enjoy it more than waxing. The threading gives perfection with an ease.

The waxing depends upon the stencils, available in cosmetic shops and market. The problem is that, they have limited and standard shapes, (so the choice become limited). They don’t give result according to your desire and wishes, because they are same for every face, so why waxing? Try for threading, that makes your eyebrows foxy thin and natural clean. Remember threading groom, shape and gives perfection to your unique eyebrows. The rare face could be adjusted by threading.

The threading belongs to India, so it is perform there. The beautician (performer) takes a thread, make a loop and twirl it for so many times. The loop comes in the centre and the beautician holds the ending. He applies a little pressure on the unwanted hair and removes them carefully, by the loop. You will always prefer threading, because in this way hair can be removed from its exact place. That gives a desirable and satisfactory result.

For achieving best result of threading, the beautician should start his work from the middle of two eyebrows and gradually proceed towards the upper and lower portion. In this way he may control his performance. By threading you may give your eyebrows any shape, either it is thin or thick. If your eyebrows are dense and some what bushy at the upper level, you are no need to worry. Fill the lower area with eyebrow pencil and eliminate little hair from the upper section. If the condition is reverse and eyebrow arch is low, fill the upper portion with the dark eyebrow pencil and remove some of the hair from lower area. It will balance the shape of the eyebrows and make attractive your eyes.

It is better to do this practice from a beautician, rather to do it yourself. Practice makes the man perfect. It will be better to know all the in and outs of the process, then do it yourself. Frequent threading is not necessary, do it after 2 to 3 week. If you feel pain after threading, rub some ice over the itchy and scratchy areas. When threading is over apply toner, because the bacteria attacks on the open pores. If you are not taking relief from the pain, then use a moisturizer which will cool you and give comfort.

Remember, you prefer threading for two reasons; one is that you feel less pain and the other is that you acquire a perfect shape according to your dreams.

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