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Tips For Happy Feet

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Tips For Happy Feet


When we do have problems, just “getting off our feet” would not necessarily lead to permanent relief. For one thing, foot pain does not always begin in the foot. Even though you are feeling the pain there, a tight Achilles’ tendon or calf music may be the actual source of your problem, may restrict ankle motion, causing you to put painful stress on the front of your foot.

Rest may help, but what’s often needed is a change in the way you care for your feet. The following is a guide to some common foot problems, along with tips on how you can help yourself:

♥ If feet are exhausted

If your job requires you to be on your feet in one spot all day-in front of a sales counter, for example-changes are you have complained that your feet are tired and achy. Standing in one place all the time is one of the worst things you can do to your feet. The muscles do not flex or contract, they are just static.


Step on and off a raised surface, such as a telephone book, to give your muscles some work. Or simply flex your feet rolling up onto the ball of your foot, then back to your heel. Take your shoes off and roll a golf ball behind the ball of each foot for a minute or two. A great message, it can also help with cramps or strains in your arch.

♥ Heels are giving trouble

Pain in the heel is repetitive stress of tissue where it attaches to the heel bone. You get microscopic tears on a daily basis and eventually you have severe pain in your heel.

The tears are in the plantar fascia, a springy tissue that runs from your heel bone to your toes. Bend your toes up and you shall recognize it as the tight hand running through your arch. This stretch will help loosen your calf muscles and stretch your Achilles’ tendon, reducing tightness in the muscles leading to the foot.

Two other low-cost measures: a short course of an anti-inflammatory drug, such as ibuprofen and soaking your feet in warm water at night. Over the counter shoe inserts may provide relief. In more severe cases, inserts available through orthopedists, podiatrists or physical therapists can be helpful.

♥ Foot pain

Problems in this area go by the name metatarsalgia. Causes range from damaged nerves to simply wearing a shoe that is too tight in the toe box or too high in the heel. Switch to flat shoes that have wider toe box. To relieve pain, place a pad just behind the weight bearing ball of the foot. If you can not stop wearing high heels altogether, limit them to special occasions.

♥ Foot suffering

 Corns, areas of thickened skin about the size of corn kernels, are caused by excess pressure on one point on the foot. They typically form on the top of or between toes and often result from wearing shoes that are too tight. For quick relief, putting a thin gauze pad, corn pad, corn pad or bandage between the affected toes to keep them from rubbing against each other. Softening the corn with oil and then sanding it with a pumice stone can also be beneficial.

Get Rid of Feet Odor

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Having problem of odor in feet is not a minor issue. People who suffer from this problem feel shame and also keep on practicing different methods to get rid of feet odor. Here are some useful instructions to get rid of feet odor:

  • Keep your feet clean with water. Washing your feet will reduce bacteria growth that cause smell in feet. Wash your feet for more than three times and use soap all time. Dry your feet well before wearing socks or shoes. Don’t use same socks on next day.
  • Try to slow down and then stop growth of bacteria. Bacteria need special things to survive that include food, acidity, temperature, time, moisture, oxygen and time. Frequent cleaning can control all variables that support bacteria survival. Put off your shoes when you don’t need them. Try to use cotton socks to prevent moisture. Change shoe pair on regular basis or alternate days.
  • Change your shoes and let them dry for sometime to kill bacteria. Sunlight is very good in this regard. Put your shoes in sunlight for one day when you are wearing another pair of shoes.
  • Take some water and add some alum in the water. Soak your feet for half an hour in that solution and then wash your feet thoroughly with soap.
  • Baking soda is considered as best for getting rid of feet odor and it is less costly and easily available. You just need to put some baking soda in your shoe for whole night and clean with cloth in the next morning. All feet odor will be gone.
  • Always avoid walking with socks only. Clean your socks daily. Wash your feet before wearing socks and shoe.

Tips for Cracked Heels

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Cracked HeelsHow fancy or expensive shoes you are wearing, it look very bad if your heels are cracked. It gives a very rough look. Other than bad look it is also a painful for the people who are facing this problem. Main reason of this problem is age factor, dry skin and carelessness as well. Many people concentrate on the care of face and hands and don’t give importance to the heels. Doing this they are committing big mistakes that can create many other complications other than bad look. If some body is giving 20 minutes to face and hands care then he/she must give 10 minutes for heels care as a routine especially in winter season. Whenever my clients ask me for some beauty tips I always advise them to take proper care of feet including heels along with face and hands. Here I want to share same tips that I use to share with my clients so that you all may get baby like skin of heels with little care. All these tips are tried many times and have always brought in good results without any side effects. Read and follow the tips given below: Heels

  1. Wear shoes with sox in the routine days especially in winter season.
  2. Apply Vaseline and rose water on the heels and leave for the whole night and wash in the morning.
  3. Dip the feet in bearable hot water for 10 minutes and then apply some lotion to the heels and feet and then apply some cream for cracked heels and leave for the whole night.
  4. Avoid wearing shoes with open ends and thin soles especially in winter season and moisturize your feet before going to bed on daily basis. 5). Take proper diet including green vegetables and food rich in vitamin E.

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