Your Lips And Lipstick
The time is getting short and you are applying make up on your face. It is 5 pm and the wedding party will start at 6pm, it means you have only one hour. Your car is disorder from the last two days, so have a conveyance problem as well. There should be margin for going and coming back. So the time is narrow and you have to do a lot of work, like changing your dress and polishing your shoes, etc. A...
Tips To Beautify Your Eyebrows
The beautification of your eyebrows is also important. The complete outfit of your face depends on eyes, lips and neck, for adding charm and beauty to your eyebrows here are some tips. 1. Cut long and unnecessary hair and make them straight by a tooth brush, with delicacy. 2. Downward brushing of brows will let you see the long hair, snip it, if necessary. 3. Unwanted hair should be snipped wit...
Selection of Perfect Foundation
It is very important for women to look beautiful either they are professional women or housewives. From styling of hair as well as selecting shoes to wear, main point to be focused is to choose perfect shade of foundation. Women must be very careful while selecting the shade of foundation. Careful selection of foundation will make you look flawless, natural and appear as you are not wearing nay ki...
Tips for Smoky Eyes
Smoky eye makeup makes one’s eyes sexier and sophisticated than any type of makeup. All models and style conscious women like to get smoky eyes. If you also want to adopt this fabulous style then you are reading very right content. Here you will get special tips to do smoky eye makeup to look like models and celebrities. Make Your Eyes Ready for Makeup This is the first step to do smoky eye make...

Beauty Tips Par Excellence

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Truth about female hairs

beautiful hair

  1. hair fallStress can make your hair fall out. Although your hair falling out alltime, to the tune of 50 to 120/day, it’s possible that you may lose a few more strands when you are facing a major change in life, such like lost you job, divorce, surgery. Other things are antibiotics and pregnancy. But you are no need to worry; it will grow back after a few weeks.
  2. You will question that when your hair faster? Answer is simple that hair grows a half-inch/month whether you cut it or not. In summer your hair may grow faster, but that has nothing to do with stylist’s scissors and everything to do with hormones, which give speed growth a little. Trim your hair, because it will eliminate split ends, making hair look good.
  3. Though plucking out gray hair is a bad habit, it can damage the roots, causing infection or leaving a scar.
  4. Some of you think that changing of shampoos can make hair look good. But the experts say that hair cannot feel the difference between shampoo brands or build up tolerance to any product. Your favorite shampoo will work the same every time you clean up, week after week. If you have oily hair or favor a particularly sticky styling product that contains wax, it does pay to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to wash them.
  5. Be careful coloring causes major damage. It is fact products today, both at home and in the salon are gentle enough not to weaken hair. But some contain extra conditioners that may leave hair more manageable than before. Although it is not necessary, it can’t hurt to consult a professional stylist the first time you do anything permanent to your hair.
  6. When you brush your hair give them at least 100 strokes/ day. But that should be for styling them because brushing pulls hair out of their follicles and possibly weakens individual strands.
  7. Unfortunately at old age hair tends to become thinner and feebler. In order to avoid hair loss, you should pay more attention to the hair products you use, such as styling products and shampoos. Make sure that they are of best quality. Your hair will look good as of a young girl.
  8. When you become overage you avoid extravagant and wild hair style. You can try elegant hairstyle with long and curly or you can choose a short and layered style. Your hair has its own personality, so don’t leave them hanging a long and lifeless ponytail.
  9. At 8:30 in morning things could be much worse. You sleep through your alarm and you’ve got a major presentation in 30 minutes. After taking a fastest shower of your life you’ve got five minutes to throw on your makeup and do something for your hair. Separate your hair into three sections, alternately pulling one over the other until you’ve created an attractive plait in no time. For a special feminine touch, leave out a tiny strand of hair at your crown, near your ear or at the nape of your neck. Create a loose curl here or there to add an elegant element to your professional looking style.

Tips to Choose Best Haircut

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Selection of best hair style is of greater importance. You must know the basics to remember while selecting haircut for you. These basics include shape of your face and nature of hair. By considering your face shape, you can never go wrong in selecting haircut for you. You should select the hair style that will complement your features. By considering the instructions given below, you will get a totally flattering look.

  • Have an idea of shape of your face.
  • Ask the beautician for hair styles that will suit your face shape. You can also have an idea from hair magazines. You can have an idea to select best haircut for you by looking celebrities that have same face shape like you. Discuss different celebrities with your stylist and it will be better to go with pictures of these celebrities.
  • You also need to consider time that you can spend in styling your hair. Time that you can spend will determine length of you hair. Short length hair need more time in setting as compared to short length.
  • Choose the haircut that will match your lifestyle. Like if you are a teacher, you will have separate haircut as compared to a banker.
  • Before finalizing your haircut, show pictures to your friends and ask for suggestions.
  • Ask your stylist to advise you what will suit your face.
  • Make a final decision after deep consideration.

Tips to Make Hair Bun

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Different hair styles at different occasions give a new look to people. You can make braid, open hair style, bun and many other. Here you will learn to make double hair braid bun. You just need to make two braids and then you need hair pins to make bun of these braids. You are provided with two video clips that will teach you to make your own bun hair style yourself. See the video clips and try new style for coming part. Heavy earnings will suit very much with this hair style. You can also use different hair accessories like flowers and beads to look more stylish.

Getting Rid of Lice

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Head lice are a very serious problem. Many people suffer from this problem especially in summer season due to sweat and also in winter season due to less bathing. They also spread from close people. It makes you irritate and snatch your hair when you have this problem. Making hair styles becomes dream because you will feel shame when the hair maker will see lice in your hair. To get rid of head lice read this article further.

Lice Comb

If you are trapped with lice problem then first and easiest remedy is to go for special lice comb. They are manufactured in a way that space between their teeth just allows hair to pass through but no other things even louse eggs. Prefer metal-toothed lice combs other than plastic-toothed as they are not so reliable. Moist your hair and then comb down to get rid of head lice. It is very good to use lice comb after bathing.

Anti-Lice Soaps and Shampoos

Coconut and olive oils are considered as best pesticides and recommended for lice removal. Many shampoos and soaps are available especially for removal of head lice.

Insecticidal Shampoo

Never use insecticidal shampoo as first priority. It is the last resort to get rid of head lice. These chemicals kill all eggs and adult lice in hair. Strictly follow all instructions of the manufacturer while using these insecticidal as lice can make small wounds in your head and these insecticidal can harm your skin.

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