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Remedies for Dark Underarms

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Dark underarms cause embarrassment especially for people who wear sleeveless tops. Dark underarms look bad when your body complexion is fair. If you are also facing problem of dark underarms then you should opt for some remedies that will be useful to get rid of dark underarms. First of all you should understand that what causes dark underarms. Your hair removal methods, tight dresses, excessive sweating, carelessly washing underarms, use of chemicals and deodorants etc. Here are some useful remedies to lighten the dark underarms.

Kitchen Treatments

  • Make a paste of some gram flour, lime juice, turmeric powder and milk and apply the paste in your armpits. Leave the paste for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water.
  • Make a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda and apply on your armpits twice a day for clean and fresh underarms.
  • Rub lemon on your underarms after taking shower for some time.
  • Make a paste of cucumber juice, limejuice, turmeric powder and baking soda and leaver for 20 minutes. You will see better results after making it your routine.

Hair Removal Method

Avoid using hair removing agents and depilatory creams. With changing the hair removal method, you will see your underarms getting lighter. Depilatory creams contain strong acids and other chemicals that produce dead cells and darken your skin.

Avoid Shaving Underarms

Some people use erasers to remove hair for quick results. This is one of the main causes of dark underarms. Avoid shaving your underarms. With shaving, you remove hair and upper skin of your underarms and when inner skin is exposed to sweat, it becomes darker much earlier. It is best to have your underarms waxed by yourself or some professional.

Loose Dresses

Tight blouses and shirts also causes armpits to get darken. You should develop a habit to wear loose blouses.

Proper Washing

Regularly wash your underarms. Poor hygiene causes several problems that darken your underarms like accumulation of oil and dirt in armpits. Wash with soap and warm water thoroughly.

Try these tips at your home and consult your doctor if you get your armpits infected.

Dark Knees and Elbows

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Many people face the problem of dark skin on knees and elbows and people feel much trouble in hiding dark knees and elbows. This dark skin of knees and elbows is caused due to accumulation of dead skin cells. Careless cleaning and rubbing of skin is also another reason of dark knees and elbows. If you are also facing the same problem then follow the home remedies given below to get rid of dark skin of knees and elbows:

  • Mix one tablespoon of vitamin E, lemon juice and one table spoon of glycerin. Add 4 table spoon of milk in this mixture. Do massage on dark areas with this paste and leave for 15 minutes. Wash dark areas with warm water 20 minutes after massaging.
  • You can also get rid of dark areas on knees and elbows by rubbing a slice of lemon. You can also use lemon juice for massage. Leave dark areas after massage for half an hour and then rub dark areas with towel wet in hot water.
  • Mix coconut oil and lime juice and massage on dark areas. Take coconut oil double in quantity than lime juice and massage. Leave dark areas for half an hour after massage and then wash with warm water and clean with towel.
  • You can also make a mixture of basin ( Gram Flour) and lemon juice. You can also add some milk and rose water in the paste and apply on knees and elbows. Leave the paste for 20 minutes and wash with warm water.
  • Take a leave from fresh aloe plant and rub it on your skin. It is useful to remove darkness.
  • Keep your elbows and knees moisturized by using cocoa butter. Honey lotions can also be used in this regard.
  • Increase your daily water consumption for natural moisturizing and hydration.
  • Avoid kneeling on your knees and leaning on your elbows. It also darkens the skin on these areas.

Breast Reduction Tips

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Breast is an important part of female body structure and plays a vital role in their physical beauty. Proper breast and waste ratio, waste and hip ratio are the physical beauty. Some women have problem of heavy breast. Some people think them to be sexier but in fact it’s a problem. It leads to several problems like pain in back, chest pains, problem in physical activities etc. Many women having their breasts large than normal size seek for natural remedies to reduce their breast size. Some women also opt for surgical treatment for breast reduction.

Here are some useful tips to reduce your breast size without any surgical treatment:


First and foremost important and effective natural remedy for breast reduction is to do proper exercise. Exercise will reduce all over fats and as a result fats around the bust area will also be burnt and your breast size will be reduced.

Proper Diet

You need proper diet for fit and attractive physic. Proper diet means healthy and balanced diet that must not increase your fats and weight. Reduce in taking calories. Becoming vegetarian will also help you to control your figure. Proper diet will control fats in bust area and you will be able to reduce your breast size. Combination of proper diet and regular exercise will act more effectively.

Use Some Medicated Products

Lots of breast enhancement and reduction products are available in the market that is manufactured from herbs and other natural ingredients. It is now possible to enhance or reduce your breast using these pills. These products work very effectively and you are assured to use these products without any prescription with full confidence.

Combination of right exercise and proper diet and these pills will act fast in your favor.

Some other important points should also be kept in mind to keep your breast firm and erected:

  • Change your bra on regular basis maximum after two days.
  • Close your bra in last hook to support your breast firmly.
  • Purchase high quality bra and select best suitable bra for you.
  • Size of your bra must also be according to your breast.
  • Follow all the tips shared above for desired results.

Exercise Tips for Young Girls

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As a teenager all girls must do some exercise as a routine to maintain their figure and healthy weight. Regular exercise is equally important as that of healthy eating. All girls who have routines to do some exercise are leaner and have suitable weights. To make it sure that you have right weight according to your height, see the table given in Suitable Weight According to Height. Many teen girls find less or no time to maintain their selves.

If you are also a teen age girl then follow the exercise instructions given below to maintain smartness and health as well. It will take less time of you but will keep you on track:

  • The first thing you need to do is stretching. Do stretching before and after the exercise. Stretching itself is also a part of exercise and it will help you preventing injury and make you ready for exercise without getting tight muscles. Different stretching positions can be adopted to start exercise. Here are some pictures showing different stretching positions. You can adopt anyone that you feel you can do easily.

  • After stretching your body, you need to warm up your body. You need to do cardio for 10 to 15 minutes in this regard. To warm up your body you can do dance, run, jogging, jump rope, climb up stairs, or ride bicycle for 15 minutes. By doing so you will rise up your heart beat level where your excess fats will be burnt and you will get lean muscles.

  • Mostly teenagers are wrongly advised to prevent weight lifting to prevent inner complications but as a result they are trapped in more complications. Some young girls think that if they lift weight they will get tight muscles and look like guys. To keep your muscles toned, you need to light weight lifting for 10 minutes only. These exercises will improve your posture.

  • You can do exercise with exercise ball in different directions to shape your body and get rid of fats.

  • You can also involve your friends in your exercise to make it fun rather than burden on you. You can join some gym or arrange exercise classes at your home. Go for a morning walk on daily basis and eat healthy diet to be internally strong. Take part in sports and enjoy exercising.

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